What I Ate Wednesday – Trader Joe’s Obsession

The first weekend in February I went up to Build You Blog Conference in Salt Lake City hosted by the ladies at Six Sisters Stuff. I had so much fun meeting new faces, connecting with ladies that I know online (and love when they are just as charming in real life!), and learning all kinds of cool things to make my blog even better! After the conference I met up with my good friend Lindsey from Cafe Jonhsonia. What do food bloggin’ besties do when they go out for a night on the town? Go grocery shopping and out to dinner of course! We hit up Trader Joe’s (my second time going) and Lindsey was my personal grocery shopper. She showed me all the best goodies to pick up and I’m so glad she did. I’ve been eating like a healthy queen for a few weeks and I’m sad my supplies are dwindling. Next trip up will include a major Trader Joe’s run.

So in this What I Ate Wednesday post you’ll see a little glimpse of my new Trader Joe’s obsession. And if you need a list of “must gets” just holler. I’d be more than willing to let you know what I picked up and am loving (cue the coconut chips – I’m addicted).

This WIAW post is from last Thursday (the day before Valentine’s Day). We had preschool at our house which was a blast and kept us all busy.

Breakfast: Smoothie
I’ve been eating my healthy Greek yogurt dip with apples really regularly since January. I made a big batch at the beginning of the week and just haven’t been plowing through it like I normally do (all the new TJ treats have taken center stage). So I threw in a big spoon full of the dip in my smoothie with spinach, frozen blue berries and bananas, chia seeds, and a couple of cups of cold cold water. It was AWESOME! The peanut butter and honey really made this a treat. Plus it had plenty of fat and protein to keep me full during preschool. I ended up using most of the dip the rest of the week in smoothies. Delicious!


Preschool (sorting conversation hearts by color!):

Lunch: Nachos
Again I was trying out my new TJ finds. These tortilla chips with black beans and red quinoa are delicious! I topped it with some of Cabot’s light sharp cheddar cheese. I have no idea how they save calories because that cheese is so tasty, has a great texture, and doesn’t include any weird fillers. I love it! And a big bowl of salsa that totally counts as a veggie. Mmmmm.

Snack: Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Truffles
I bought these little gems to give as gifts. And I did give one box away but I accidentally opened the second box. Ooops. Oh. My. Heart. These are so good. After I enjoyed one I read the package for the calorie count and noticed that the serving size was 3 truffles. Now I like to stick to the serving size so I did myself a favor and ate two more. Much better than doing the math for one!


Pre-dinner Snack: Homemade Granola
Thomas finished fixing that old lady’s computer and she brought another bag of her incredible granola and this time she brought the recipe! That is on my list to share soon.


Dinner: Pulled Pork, Sweet Tator, and Green Beans
Love this dinner! I threw the pork roast in the crock pot in the morning because I knew that it would be a busy day. I only do the roast (no water, no seasoning, no nothin’) in the crock pot and then I let it cook in its own juice on low all day. When it’s dinner time I take the whole thing out, pull the pork, strain the fat from the liquid, add a heavy hand of course sea salt, and then return the cooking juice. It’s SO tasty. The salt dissolves some but you still have little bits of salt to find. It’s excellent. And that’s a half of a sweet potato with some butter that I baked in the oven and green beans from our garden that I canned. Loved this meal. The kids had this and canned pears too. Definitely an easy but crowd pleasing meal, and yes, that was served on a super classy paper plate. Just keeping it real!


See! Eating well doesn’t even have to be hard or taste bad. And I think chocolate is important to include; no one wants to be deprived!

And I think while you are at it, you should do co-op preschool too 🙂 It’s so fun! Messes make memories…


What was the best thing YOU are this week?

And don’t forget you can check out all the fun over at Peas and Crayons… enjoy!

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When you are eating regular cheese again, get the Unexpected Cheddar. Oh so good. I buy multiple blocks at a time. And the jumbo raisins. I got them for my kids but can’t stop eating them in my oatmeal! So good. And their chicken burgers are good. They are lime chipotle or something like that.


Oh those truffles sound so dangerous!

NoshOn.It (@NoshOnIt)

And she didn’t make you get the Turbinado and cocoa dusted almonds? Those things are like crack! ^Vijay

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