The post of gingerbread past…

I love to make gingerbread houses and have been doing it for years. I have a vivid memory of the fourth or fifth grade when a classmate’s mom brought in two gigantic, immaculately decorated gingerbread houses. I was in childhood heaven. We were allowed to eat them the day before Christmas break, and I can still remember how vivid those gumballs were along the roof line.

School wasn’t the only place I remember gingerbread houses. My mom helped us kids make, bake, assemble, and then decorate a house almost every year that I can think of. I can remember one year my older sister made one by herself and it looked just like Snoopy’s dog house at Christmas time. Adorable! Making gingerbread houses has been a strong Christmas tradition my whole life.

I don’t have pictures of all of the gingerbread houses I’ve made, but I do have some from the past few years. I love to see what other people make and I assume you all are a bit like me. Enjoy!

2006: At home in Indiana for Christmas break and I built a house with some of my siblings; just like the good old days.

2008: This was the first time building more of a structured house instead of just a square. Cute, huh?

2009: I had my second baby in October of this year, so the house is small and isn’t even a house at all. I used Starburst candy to make the colored parts of this one. The hay is colored coconut.

2010: This house was giant and heavy! It’s a church. I experimented a lot on this one with making stained glass windows from crushed hard candies. I wish the picture was better because the windows turned out really pretty.

2011: I made this as a centerpiece for a Christmas dinner at church. It was beautiful on the table. When I brought it home, the kids accidentally knocked it over. The house shattered but luckily my cherished cake stand did not!

Confession: I don’t really want help decorating my houses. I normally make a smaller house for my kids to decorate so that I can do mine myself. I assume this will change as they get bigger, but for now, it’s a “me project” and I love it that way…

Did you catch the pun in the title? The post of gingerbread past… (The ghost of Christmas past…). I’m a dork, I know.

And, are you inspired to start this super fun family tradition? Did you make houses growing up? Do you make them now with your family?

If you are planning on making one this year, here are some tips on making 3-D gingerbread pieces.  And if you don’t want to make a house, but love to eat gingerbread: my all time favorite gingery recipe: White Chocolate Gingerbread Blondies. These are amazing and I make them every year.

Keep Calm and Gingerbread On,
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Oh Melissa, you are the cutest. I love your gingerbread houses! I remember making gingerbread houses a few times growing up and it was always so much fun. I’m not quite as skilled as you (or my mom), so I end up buying whatever gingerbread house kit that Target is offering and go from there.

Jessica Havican

Love it! We did candy choo-choo trains when I was a kid, but since my husband and I met we’ve been doing Gingerbread houses together. And we are continuing the tradition with our children. Last year our oldest was not yet 2 so she decorated a gingerbread man, but this year I think she’s capable of helping out. I love having fun traditions like this!! Your pictures have inspired me to break out of the normal square and try new designs this year!!

Bobi Jensen

Our visitor’s center accross from the Winter Quarters temple here in Omaha has a gingerbread display for the community to tour around Christmas. The local ward members make them all. It’s lots of work, but some people have made amazing stuff! People do exact replicas of their houses and once someone did the organ in the tabernacle with a full choir (teddy grahams). Those girl teddies had their pearl necklaces on ;).


Whoa. Is there anywhere on the web to see some pictures?! That sounds AMAZING!

Bobi Jensen

Not that I know of…I should have taken one.

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