The Best of 2015: 10 Recipes to rule them all…

The Best of 2015:10 Recipes to rule them all...2015 is on its way out and I’ll be honest, I’m so excited. Unbeknownst to most, 2015 was one of the hardest years I’ve had personally since I was 18 years old. Hard years are good though, they help you to grow, reevaluate things of importance, and make you grateful that every year isn’t the same. The low point of the year was months and months of depression (caused by pregnancy) and the high point was the birth of my 5th baby, Graham. It’s been a year that I’m grateful happened but I wouldn’t necessarily choose to repeat. I’m looking forward to this year ending and to a fresh start in 2016.

The past year for the blog has been so very successful though and I have you to thank for that (well, you and me both, I worked pretty hard too). I just got a little annual report and I thought I’d share some of the highlights!

Almost 5 MILLION people visited the blog this year from 224 different countries. My highest traffic day was January 4, 2015 with 46,112 visitors on that day alone. Pinterest, Facebook,and then Buzzfeed were my top three traffic referrals. I started working with a company to manage my ads, I brought on my friend DaNae to help with social media, I worked with my mom and Richard to sell on Etsy, and I worked with some terrific companies/products this year. I wrote and published an e-book (and people buy it! Hundreds and hundreds of people!), I started writing for Super Healthy Kids and Hobby, and I had my first article published in a print magazine (a piece on popcorn in the July/August issue of Hobby Farms Magazine). I sold my first photos and recipe to national brand, I had my first “recognized from the blog in public” experience (so fun!), and I made money doing something that I love from home. Pinch me! This dream, come reality, has been years in the making and I can’t believe that I just said all of those things. So many of those things have been on the “goal” list for years and now they have a check mark next to them. Hardwork pays off, even if it’s a slow pay off.

I have big plans for 2016! Plan on seeing a few videos and updates on building our house (FINALLY!!!). I’ll be doing a little bit of traveling for the blog (two trips planned!), I’m bringing on a Pinterest management team, and I’m planning to introducing a new e-book (or 2). It’s going to be grand and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.

Isn’t all of that awesome?! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for being a part of it all.

I do have one favor to ask.

What do you need?
What can I provide that would make your life easier?
What problems do you have that need solving?

What I’m after is – what would you like me to blog about in the coming year? Do you need more main dish recipes? Meatless? Ideas on parenting? Crafts? Chickens? Dessert (we always need a little dessert don’t we?)?

I’d love love love to hear from you! Please comment and let me know things that you struggle with that I might be able to help with. That will make my time here the most useful for me and for you. Let me be useful to you!


Here are the top 10 recipe posts from 2015 starting with number ten and ending with the coveted number one spot!

10. Summer Chicken Salad

chicken salad1

9. Guilt Free Strawberry Smoothie

strawberry milkshake

8. Recovery Smoothie

recovery smoothie1

7. Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

slow cooker chicken pot pie1

6. Healthy Whole Grain Carrot Cake Pancakes

carrot cake pancakes2

5. Baked Denver Omelette

baked omlete

4. Healthy No Bake Cookies

healthy coconut no bake cookies

3. One Pot Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

one pot macandcheese2

2. Healthy Key Lime Pie Smoothie

Healthy key lime pie smoothie

1. Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie (No protein powder needed!)

chocolate smothie

I LOVED this list! Smoothies, quick and easy dinners, and healthy desserts! That’s what was the most popular and I have noted it. Plan on more of this kind of thing in the coming weeks.

Thank you again for being here and please let me know how I can help YOU!


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deb c
deb c

I really would like to know… How are the chickens? Keep on doin what you are doin….and keep on havin fun doin it! My dad always said a job is not a job if you are enjoying what you are doing! Happy day!!

Jessica Carnahan Salisbury

Yours is one of my favorite blogs! I feel like your outlook on how to feed your family, parenting styles and ideas about life are so similar to mine so I appreciate all of your ideas and I’m sure we would be friends if we lived close 🙂 I’m personally trying to find more meatless recipes for the upcoming year but really I’m happy with any recipes that have real ingredients so just keep doing what your doing! Also, I love tips on where to buy good quality ingredients especially in bulk so when you know of good deals I’d love to be informed! Thanks for running an awesome blog and congratulations on your success last year!

Ashley Petersen
Ashley Petersen

Wow!!! Ben and I are so proud of you! If you have any tech questions you can always ask. We love your blog. I love the mix of personal (so I can keep up with you) and the recipes that become family favorites. I also love your pictures, you are a great photographer and they keep your blog lively.


I also love reading updates, recipes and ideas on pretty much anything. What I truly come back again and again for is your authenticity. I love getting glimpses into the highs and lows of people’s everyday lives. Exploring topics like friendship, family relationships, parenting and keeping home all draw me in — but really, I love it all! 🙂


Thanks for putting this list together, I bookmarked a lot of them.


I love everything about your blog 😀 If I had one suggestion, it would be to please come up with some more crock pot meals. Most of the ones I find on the internet all taste about the same after a while, lol!

Marcia Santos
Marcia Santos

I love all of your recipes, all of them! In fact I like everything on your blog so just keep doing what you do, please!! Happy New Year!


Hey! I love reading your blog and the stories you share about your life. One of my favorite things I saw from you this year was the Instagram post oh how you organize your kids toys. From a new mom of 2 kids under 2, I really appreciate any tips and hacks from experienced moms like yourself. We were due around the same time and your ( few) pregnancy and birth related posts were helpful and seemed to line up with what I needed! Thanks for being a healthy momma willing to share the tricks of the trade. I’d love to see more of those 😉 Oh, and I love all your recipes too!!

Ps- May God bless your home building adventure!

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