Sunday: A Weekend to Remember

Some of our very best friends came to see us this weekend. We met them in Moab and went to Arches National Park and Goblin Valley. We made our way to our (carpetless) house late Saturday night and were able to spend all of today together. They’ve already said goodbye and are headed onto the next leg of their journey and our house is too quiet and too still without them. 
May cried and cried for her friend after their car pulled out of the driveway. She sincerely wept because her heart told her she wanted to be with them. I looked at her with tears in my own eyes and told her I knew just how she felt.
Isn’t it fun how, no matter how much time has passed since you last saw each other, the conversation starts up as if it never ended?

We’ve made secret pacts of marriage between our children. 🙂 Won’t these two be a darling couple?

Why did my lovely Sunday fly by so quick? How is Monday already knocking on my door?

I should probably eat another brownie to help beat these pre-Monday blues. Chocolate is an acceptable coping method, right?

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Happy Herrons

Heck if chocolate (which happens to be usually gluten free- FYI) isn’t coping then I am totally giving up!


Well, rumor has it that HD has the carpet and the installers will come on Thursday to put it in. The installers have already called to change from Wed. to Thursday, so I just have no confidence that it will even happen. This will put us 3 weeks and 3 days past the original installation date that we were given which has been pushed back 3 times. I sure hope yours comes! It had to do with the carpet coming to a warehouse, being shipped here, and then getting to the installer and people just kept telling us different things! I hope yours comes 🙂

Western Warmth

So what’s the news on your carpet? I’m sorry you had to go without it for your friends’ visit. We ended up calling Home Depot and getting another carpet that wasn’t backordered…so its supposed to be 2 weeks instead of a month. We’ll see!

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