Real Food for Real Families

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This book is all about getting your family to eat real food, no health store needed.

As a busy mom of 5 little people, I know the dinner time struggle well. Let my experience work for you.

Real Food for Real Families includes tons of tips and tricks, a 2 week meal plan (including 14 real food dinner recipes the whole family will love), a shopping list, and tools for success. This is a great addition to your library and will further help you solve the “what’s for dinner?!” dilemma. You’ll love it!

  • Learn how to transition to real/clean/wholesome foods!
  • Tips and Tricks for Success!
  • Feed your family wholesome food they will love!


The recipes in this eBook are family favorites made with pretty squeaky ‘clean’ ingredients. Canned beans, coconut milk, and tomatoes are just about as processed as I got.


See how to transition from a traditional American diet to one centered more on wholesome “real” food choices.


In addition to dinner plans, this book lays out breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the two week plan.


Food is so much more than just food, it’s part of life! Learn the balanced approached to whole foods.


There are 14 dinners, shopping lists included, so you won’t have to worry about the first few weeks of making healthy changes.


“I’m ALWAYS a fan of easy meals, quick recipes, that are still really healthy. Always. I think most moms are. If you have a recipe book, you could share that and people would eat it up.”

– Sarah

“Thank you so much for offering your knowledge on real food. Both my husband and I grew up on homemade plus a little frozen processed food. We decided to make the change over to real food and loved your 80/20 rule!”

– Katherine

“I have said over and over again that I don’t want meals designed by chefs I want meals designed by real moms that cook real meals using real food. We have tried at least one of your meals each evening for over a week and I have not had one complaint yet! In fact last Monday my husband and I were trying to get part of our garden planted so I had my 16 year old make the chicken broccoli tetrazzini! They loved it and it made enough for them to take to school the next day! I could go on and on but since I need to go to bed I will end with THANK YOU so much!”

– Anjeanette


The chapters in Real Food for Real Families include:

  • Introduction
  • The Secret (The Key to Making Real and Attainable Changes!)
  • Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen
  • Mealtime Ideas
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Dinner (2 full weeks of healthy meals all in one great plan!)
  • Reading List
  • Closing
  • Index
  • Shopping List (Everything you need to make all 14 dinners!)
  • 14 Family Approved Dinner Recipes
  • About the Author

You’ll have all the resources you need to rock real food!


These aren’t your boring old recipes! Recipes include Homemade Pizza (yes! PIZZA!), Butter Chicken, Linguine Rosa with Shrimp, Slow Cooker Beef Carnita Tacos, Healthy Chicken Nuggets, Honey Lime Tilapia, plus 8 more! You will love the varity and everything is very family friendly.

More Healthy & Easy Recipes: