Family Dinner Made Easy (Spiral-Bound Book)


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Sixty+ seasonal, delicious, family-friendly recipes that are easy to follow and made with uncomplicated ingredients to get you through the summer. Say goodbye to the stress of picking what’s for dinner. Everything you need is done: the thinking, the planning, the grocery list-making… all of it. This hardcover, spiral-bound cookbook is everything you need for stress-free summer meals.

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Order your copy of Family Dinner Made Easy and get…

+ 8 weeks of seasonal, family-friendly dinner meal plans, plus one snack and one dessert per week.
+ Complete shopping lists for each week to make grocery runs easy. Included in the book and as a separate printable file!
+ Meal prep suggestions to simplify and make cooking even faster.
+ Suggestions for what sides to serve with each meal.
+ Access to the exclusive Facebook Group, where you’ll get support, ideas, and camaraderie from likeminded mamas.

Plus, 4 priceless bonuses to make meals even better and easier:

+ My favorite seasoning mixes to use in all kinds of meals.
+ Storage tips for your produce to make it last WAY longer.
+ My best tricks for feeding kids and taking the struggle out of mealtime.
+ The nutritional information for every recipe so you know what nutrients you’re getting.