Patriotic Headbands from a T-shirt

Here’s the tutorial I shared at Brassy Apple last week. I thought I’d post it here before I miss the 4th all together!
Good morning ladies. I hope summer is treating you right and you are as excited for the 4th of July as I am. One of my favorite parts of the summer season is all of the parades. Town parades, kid bike rallies, and a plethora of other fun events that drag us out of our cool homes and into the warm sunshine to mingle with neighbors. I adore these types of functions. 
I wanted to show you a quick, cheap, and easy way to add a little patriotic touch to your outfit without too much time or commitment. These are adorable on kids too.
Red, White and Blue Headbands made from a T-shirt
What you’ll need:
Red, white, and blue t-shirts
Safety Pin
Hot Glue Gun
How to do it:
1. Collect your t-shirts. I love to buy t-shirts for projects like this at garage sales. I’ll normally pick them up for around $0.25 each. No need to spend more dollars than needed. This is a perfect way to use old or stained shirts too. The appeal of using a t-shirt is the material. They are knit which means they edges don’t fray when cut.
2. Lay your shirt out flat and cut a strip of material from the bottom to the shoulder. This is a great way to get the most length out of a smaller t-shirt. The seam at the top connects the front fabric to the back and you get double the length of your shirt. If your shirt is extra big you might not need to do this. I never get too crazy with measuring… just make sure it will be long enough to go around your noggin. The width depends on how thick you’d like the end product. I was after smaller braids and so my strips are about an inch to an inch and a half wide. This project is so forgiving… just play with it to see what you like.
3. Repeat with your other t-shirts to get all of the colors and numbers of strips that you need.
4. Braid.
I did a few different types of headbands. One was a traditional three-stand braid using red, white, and blue material. The second was a four-strand braid using white, white, blue, and red (I used a graphic off of this website to do the four-strand braiding and it was very easy to follow). The four-strand braid I left nice and loose which makes it look very different from the others. For the third headband I used red for a braid, blue for a braid, and then white for a braid and just had them next to each other. 
When you are ready to braid, I found it easiest to collect one end of all of the fabric strips and run the ends through a safety pin. I then attached the safety pin to the knee of my jeans. This helped the braid to stay put and I could pull on it without it moving. 
5. When your braid is long enough to fit around your head, trim off any extra length. 
6. Cut a piece of t-shirt that will cover all of your ends. Mine were generally 3 inches long and 2.5 inches tall. Lay the t-shirt piece down and place your braid ends on top of it. Use the hot glue to hold them down. Glue both ends of your shirt square down so that all the ends are covered.

Ta-da! Wasn’t that easy? Let the glue cool and you are ready to wear your new headband.

I love versatile projects, so when I was thinking on this one I thought of other options for you. This would be a fun thing to make at camp, for family reunions, or for a sports team. The color options are only limited by the t-shirts you find to use. Seriously, you could really go wild with this idea. Matching t-ball headbands anyone?!

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My daughter Victoria and I are going to make these for the bowling team. Lol

Super cute… I am pinning!

What a cool idea! My family and I will host a party in the coming weeks and we’ve been thinking of ways to save money. You just gave me an idea on how to turn our old clothes into beautiful garlands.

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