My 10 Favorite Posts from 2012

Hello! It’s feels like it has been ages since I posted. While you might not be seeing much on your end, things have been super busy behind the scenes! I moved to a self-hosted WordPress site, got some help with basic design, crashed the whole site, and managed to enjoy Christmas all in one week. I’m getting ready to make lots of changes to my pages and I’ve even added a page at the top just to showcase what is going on with the chickens.  So if see anything that is weird or not working please let me know! (blessthismessplease (at) gmail (dot) com) Because there are bound do be a few issues with as many changes as I’ve made in just the past 5 days.

2012 has been amazing for me and I’ve loved sharing the ups, downs, yummies , and crazies with you. As I look back on the year I thought it would be fun to share my 10 favorite posts with you. If time permits, I’ll share your favorite posts tomorrow.


Whole Wheat Graham Crackers


Whole wheat graham crackers, what is graham flour, graham cracker recipe, whole foods recipes for graham crackers

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies – Ever!

BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad – I could eat this once a week for the rest of my life

salad with BBQ ranch corn and black beans, BBQ ranch chicken salad recipe, homemade barbecue ranch dressing salad recipe

All things chickens! But this links to the post when I shared finding my very first egg. Such a memorial day!

our first year raising backyard chickens, how to have your own chickens, urban homesteading chickens

FINALLY getting a sink… and I still don’t take this simple pleasure for granter.

installing a kitchen sink, washing dishes in a bucket, remodeling a kitchen, sink instalation

DIY Chicken Coop Tour – so proud of my first power tool experience.

DIY Chicken coop, how to build a chicken coop, coop ideas for chickens

Steak and Mushroom Marinara – make this soon

Homemade pasta sauce with steak, steak and mushroom sauce

No-sew scrap fabric basket– we use this basket all of the time and it is just so cute

homemade fabric basket, no sew Easter basket, basket making turorial

We have found tons of crazy stuff in the walls of our house, but this was my very favorite find.

things found in the walls of old house, remodeling finds, vintage finds in old house

Thanks for tuning in!

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These are all such great posts! I can’t wait to see what is to come for 2013!

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