More Scrap Fabric Baskets

I’ve been working super hard this week getting ready for Girls Camp which is next week. Girls camp is a yearly outing of all the young women from church who are 12-18 years old. There are about 20 girls from my congregation (or ward in Mormon-speak) who meet up with other young women in the area, totaling around 200 girls for the camp. We are making an hour an a half drive into the mountains to find a little serenity and to hide all of our hootenannies.
I grew up attending camp and loved it, so I am more than happy to help out now that I’m on the old end of things. Seriously, how am I a leader now? One thing I have learned is that you just do not know or understand the amount of work and preparation that goes into this type of thing until you are in the middle of it yourself. We have been planning for months and months, and we aren’t even the head camp ladies. Those women have been working on camp for over 10 months. 
The theme of Girls Camp this year is “There’s No Place Like Home”, based off the movie Wizard of Oz but playing into the idea of our heavenly home; it is church camp after all. One of my favorite camp traditions is called “secret sisters” where the girls bring little gifts and notes which they secretly give to another camper throughout the week.. We needed some sort of mailbox for each camper to get her secret sister treasure delivered to, and I thought that a basket (like Dorothy’s) would be cute. Of course we couldn’t just leave them baskets, so I had the girls weave scrap fabric in them. This was a fun way to add some personality to the baskets and the girls liked a little craft project. 

Full scrap fabric basket weaving instructions can be found HERE.
Not only have I been working on lots of camp projects, but I have been getting the blog ready for a week of being away from the computer. I am sticking to my goal of blogging every day this year, so I’ve had to make sure that would happen.
Well there you have it. I’m busy, just like everyone else. Hope you are getting your projects done today!

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  1. Laura Beth Gunter

    This is such a great idea! I love how you dressed up those simple baskets :o) And your new blog design is FABULOUS. Love Jess Design did a great job.

    1. Well, I’m sad to say, very little looks different from the day after we got carpet. I have only part of the furniture in and nothing put away. After camp friend, after camp!

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