It happened so fast…

It happened so fast.

That cliche phrase has been running though my mind all week. It just happened so fast. It really was an accident.

Thomas, the two littlest babies, and I were driving over the mountain on the way to an appointment for me, lunch, shopping for a big project I’m working on (freezer slow cooker meals and lots of them!), and then home before the bigger kids got out of school.

The mountain was gorgeous and Fall was all around. The Quakey Aspens are my favorite this time of year.

I was driving so that Thomas could work some on his laptop.

We came around a turn, I noticed a slower car in front of me so I slowed a bit, we were chatting, all of the sudden I see the car again but I’m going to hit it. They were slowing way down, to pull over, right in the middle of the road. I braked too late and then we smashed into the car. I hit a car. I totaled a car. That car had people in it. My car had people in it.

It happened so fast.

I didn’t scream. I pulled over. Someone else’s car’s glass was all over my windshield. My tiny baby started crying and I got right out, plucked him from his carseat, joined his cries and just rocked him on the side of the road. Everyone is ok. I’m ok, my babies are ok, my Thomas is ok. I hit someone else’s car. I totalled their car. I can only thank God that they are ok too.

It happened so fast.

Time slowed as we figured out how to call the police from the top of the mountain where cell phones don’t work. I sat in the back seat of the suburban nursing the baby while Paul played in the seats. The wind blew, the yellow leaves danced, the sound of glass blowing and slowly sliding across the top of our car and across the hood is still fresh in my mind. I said “I’m sorry” a million times to the world’s most patient husband. I cried. The ‘what if’s’ can eat you alive.

We wait, waiting, waited. A few hours later Father-in-law comes to haul us home. The other car leaves on the back of a tow truck, it’s occupants inside the truck looking to rent another car to finish their vacation. I’m so sorry your vacation took this turn. I’m so glad you are ok. This will be a vacation you talk about for a while I bet. The one a lady and her babies smashed into you.

No appointment that day. No shopping. No lunch. This wasn’t what I planned.

I’m grateful our Suburban can be fixed. That we have insurance for their expenses. That no one had to go to the hospital. That carseats work. That my little babies will never remember this. That my big babies weren’t with us. That husband was so kind when I was upset enough for us both. That appointments and shopping and lunch out can be done another day. I’m so grateful for another day.

It happened so fast.


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  1. vivian

    Most important everyone is OK. Things are just things and can be replaced or repaired. You and your family and the other family are not hurt and that is a blessing.

  2. cathie martinez

    oh Melissa, bless your heart. i am so glad to read that you are all okay,i read the headline and i dreaded reading the story. so much to be thankful for, we never know what a day will bring, i pray for God’s covering every morning. now just breathe….

  3. Wendy

    Thank God everyone is okay! I can’t imagine what that must have felt like for you especially having the little ones in the vehicle. As the saying goes, “Accidents happen” The important thing is that everyone is okay! I know it’s easier said than done but try not to think of all the “what if’s” that will literally drive you insane!!! I’ve been in your shoes before ? the only difference was I was pregnant at the time. It was my fault, it happened at a red light,I hit the car in front of me and the only way I could describe it at the time was that It was like I was in another world when it occurred, like that Whooo I’m not even here baby brain you get when your pregnant. When I was pregnant with my girls I swear I was like this clueless flighty person, almost like the “Oh Seriously, did that just happen” kind of person. (Being platinum blonde doesn’t help at all) ?
    Anyway, glad you’re all okay and the worst is over! It’s only up from here my dear!

  4. Wow. Thank goodness everyone is ok. That sure wasn’t what I thought was coming from this post! That’s a scary experience you never think anything like that will ever happen to ‘you’. Hope you can shake it off and continue on!

  5. Sharon Brockmeier

    The important thing is no one was hurt. Shaken up, yes, but not seriously hurt. As the old Jake Hess song says, “God Takes Real Good Care Of Me”.

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