How To: Yarn Pom Poms

Yarn pom poms. Who doesn’t need to know how to make pom poms?  I know I became a better woman for learning. This is the perfect addition to any type of party hat or stocking hat. They also make a mean cat toy.
Things you’ll need:
Here is the process in photo form.  The directions are below.
how to make pompoms from yarn

How to make Yarn Pom Poms

1.Cut a piece of cardboard that is about 2 inches tall and 4 inches long.
2. Take your yarn and wrap it around and around the cardboard, keeping to the middle.
How much you wrap will determine the thickness of your pom pom.  The more yarn you use, the fuller the     pom pom will be.
3. After you have reached the desired amount of yarn, cut the yarn from the skein (you know, the skein).
4. Cut an 8-inch piece of yarn.
5. Slip the piece of yarn between the wound yarn and the cardboard.
6. Take the two ends of the piece of yarn and tie them in the tightest knot you can muster.
7. Tie another knot (double knot the piece of yarn so that it can’t come undone).
8. Slip the wound yarn off of the cardboard.
9. Slip your scissors into the hole where the cardboard was.
10. Cut the yarn, opposite of where the knotted part is (reference the pictures if this is confusing).
11. Give the newly made pom pom a good shake and trim any pieces of yarn that might still be looped.
12.  Holding onto the piece of yarn that you originally knotted, give the pom pom a generous “hair cut” to round out his shape.


Now. To make a big pom pom, your card board guide should be taller than 2 inches.  For a smaller pom pom, less than 2 inches. If you want a floppy pom pom, wrap the yarn fewer times; a very full and stiff looking pom pom needs to have more yarn wrapped in the beginning. The weight or thickness and type of yarn you use will also change your product. Play with it…it’s not hard and your kids will love throwing the “rejects” at each other!

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