How to Safely Handle Hot Peppers (without buying plastic gloves)

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I’m posting from the Las Vegas airport on my way to Australia with a stop in Tokyo and Singapore today. Holy cow, that’s a lot of places in one day. If I had unlimited time I would have stayed a night in Tokyo and Singapore, but alas, they are just layovers. Do I get to count the layovers in my country? I don’t think the inside of an airport really counts as visiting. 🙂 I got a few posts ready so I can blog as internet access permits, so here is one such post. It’s kind of random, but good knowledge in my opinion.

I think there is something genetically imbalanced in my family when it comes to hot peppers. We cannot handle the heat of the pepper on our skin. I love to eat and cook with jalapenos and the like, but I can’t physically touch them. My hands will burn and throb for hours if I do. My sister chopped a hot pepper once without gloves (by  mistake) and she literally cried. Her hands turned bright red and she had to keep them in water for hours. It’s like we get a chemical burn from the peppers or something strange like that. Are we alone in our plight?

I’m too cheap to buy gloves, so here’s how I remedy the situation. Produce bags! When I’m done I just throw everything away. I have to be quick about rinsing my knife and board though so that devil juice doesn’t get on my skin by accident.

There you have it. How to handle hot peppers like a boss. With the best graphic ever. Ever.

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I love jalapenos in easy blender salsafresh tomato salsa and mango salsa. Serve with some homemade baked corn tortilla chips and you are good to go.

How do you handle the heat?!

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  1. BeccaMarie

    I LOVE the graphics! And actually this is a great tip. Especially when I am going somewhere nice and I don’t want to smell like onion and garlic, use plastic bags! I hardly ever buy gloves, this is clever.

  2. Happy Herrons

    Layovers TOTALLY count in the country count. Especially if it is a long layover and you can go OUTSIDE (just of the airport) and breathe the air! AND you get another stamp in your passport!

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