How to: Owl Purse Insert

My baby sister turned 15 last month. I’m still in shock over that number; I remember the day she was born. I sent her a cute owl purse that I made for Christmas and I wanted to make a little insert of types to go with it for her birthday. The thinking behind this was that you can attach it to the handle of the purse and then have quick access to the things that are most important: phone, key, chapstick.

The owl insert is actually made to fit a smart phone, because my sister is fancy like that, but my cheap old school phone was all I had to use a photo prop.

Kinda cute, isn’t it?

What you will need:
Needle and thread
Ribbon (about 20 inches long)
1. Start by cutting out all the pieces.
2. Arrange all of the pieces on top of the body, except the center eye pieces, where they look best and pin them down.

3. Using the needle and thread, stitch the pieces in place. I used the blanket stick around the eyes and a simple back stitch for the wings and beak (the internet has lots of tutorials on different stitches if you are new to this. I just looked a few up). Don’t sew the wings all the way to the top; the opening will make a little pocket. Don’t worry about sewing the outer edge of the wings either. You’ll do that when you stitch the front to the back.

4. Add the center eye pieces and stitch those on.

5. Fold the felt body in half, with the face looking at you. Whip stitch around the edges, catching the wings as you go around. You don’t technically have to stitch on the fold, but I think it looks more uniform this way.

6. Attach the center of the ribbon to the back of the owl with a few stitches.

Now, add your phone to the body of the owl and stick your key and chapstick in the wing pockets. Tie the ribbon around the handle of your purse and drop the owl inside your purse. When your phone rings, you’ll know right where it is.

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