How to: No Sew St. Patrick’s Day Placemat

The Dollar Store is often the budget killer for me. You go in to get one or two things (like sandwich bags and a pregnancy test…(Yes, they sell them. Isn’t that funny?) and you come out with 42 items. The kids just wanted one little thing each, and oh my, did you know they sell that fancy thing? An hour later I’m checking out and completely shocked at the total. I hope I’m not the only one with this issue.
I can’t complain too much though. Living in Themiddleofnowhere means no Target, no Jo-ann’s, and no Michael’s. My only craft supply options within an hour and half driving are Walmart (gag) and The Dollar Store! The Dollar Store is good to me, though. I have made scrap fabric baskets from Dollar Store baskets and I found the best placemats the last time I was in. I’m in love with the colors I picked up. I think they will be the color scheme for my kitchen if we ever get it done!
Now on to the St. Patty’s day table decor!
Are you as in love with these colors as I am? I like the blue and green with the accents of yellow and orange! The baby sure loves them too!

What you’ll need:
Placemat that has a loose weave
Pipe cleaners -also from the Dollar Store!

This was so easy. I just stuck the pipe cleaner in and out where I wanted it! I didn’t trim any of them. I didn’t do anything special with the ends….Seriously, you can’t mess this up. I just poked the pipe cleaners in and out, making sure that they started and ended on the back side of the placemat.

Here is what the back looked like:

The pipe cleaners are stiff enough that they stay in place great! For the gold in the pot at the end of the rainbow I just gave the pipe cleaner a little twist and then flattened the circle with my finger to get a more flat, rounded shape.

Don’t be limited by my design either. A big pot of gold, four leaf clovers, or the word “luck” would be so cute too!

I loved this craft because it isn’t permanent. I thought about painting the place mats but it was too much commitment. I don’t have tons of storage so I don’t want to store placemats for every holiday. I can just pull the pipe cleaners out and leave it plain for a while and then add them back for the next holiday, birthday, or themed dinner! I love decor that can be tweaked for special occasions.

Happy Crafting!


I’m linking this up over at Honey Bear Lane!

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Very very cute. Where do you find the time and energy to be so darn crafty and creative? And beautiful, I might add. I love your photo in the sidebar. You da bombshell, baby!

No way this is so clever!!!!

And just think of all the fun I could have if I win your baker’s twine! *wink* *wink*

Oh the possibilities, pipe cleaners, ribbon, yarn, scrap fabric strips, YEAH! Those loose weave placemats are a perfect background for lots of techniques.

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