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I had lots of meetings today! Church is keeping me busy. I work with the Primary kids and I am prepping for Girls Camp this summer. Tonight we had a meeting for all of the teachers and leaders involved with Primary. I see the other adults every week, but I don’t really know any of them. We are so busy each Sunday we don’t have time to chat. We played a really fun game with M&M’s at the meeting and I thought I would share.
What you’ll need:
A bag of colored candy – M&M’s, Skittles, jelly beans
A list of questions – one question per color of candy
Have everyone in the group pass around the candy and take a handful. Have them sort the candies by color and identify which color they have the most of. They will answer the question that corresponds with the color of candy they have the most of.
Ex: M&M’s with questions for a medium-sized group of adults
Yellow: Tell about one of your favorite childhood memories
Blue: Tell about your favorite vacation and why you decided to go there
Green: Tell about your family, siblings, parents…
Brown: Tell about your favorite hobby and how you got into it
Red: Tell how you met your spouse
Orange: Tell where you were born and the places that you have lived in your life
I had more red than any other color, so I told the group how my husband and I met. This was a fun and painless way to get to know other people. If they wanted to share a lot, they could. If they were in the mood to share just a short sentence, they did. As soon as we determined which color we had the most of, we snacked on the treat.
This game could easily be adapted for kids, teenagers, any type of classroom setting, or a family reunion. Plus it involves a little treat!
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