How to: Homemade Bird Feeder

I wanted to make something to attract a few birds for my junior birdwatchers. I didn’t want to purchase a bird feeder and seed, so I thought we could use what we had around the house. We ended up making a bird house bird feeder…a house that the birds can eat.  This was a great indoor project for the kids and I.  Even the 2 year old helped stick “windows” on and sampled the crackers. Homemade bird feeders are the best.
homemade Bird Feeder
Homemade Bird Feeder

What you’ll need:

Crackers (graham, saltine, etc.)

Peanut butter
Anything else you think the birds might like to eat
Something to set your house on that you can take outside (a paper plate in our case which I later threw away)

Use the crackers as walls and the peanut butter as glue. We just made a simple square out of crackers, using peanut butter to secure the house to the plate and the walls to one another. We put a flat “roof” on and then added some angled cracker pieces for looks. We made “windows” out of smaller saltine crackers, attached with peanut butter. We added some rice and lentils to the bottom of the plate to help attract our birds. Put it outside somewhere where you can see it from inside your house. Enjoy your feathered friends from the warmth of your home!

And in case you are are wondering – we used these crackers which come in sheets (perfect for building):

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