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I’m so pleased to let you know that our baby made it safely into the world last week! We named him Graham Joel Griffiths. Graham is my grandmother’s maiden name and Joel is my papa. I just know he’ll fit his name well. It actually took us two days after his birth to firm up a name, but now that it’s said and done I’m really happy with it.

Here he is at just a few hours old. I plan on sharing the birth story when I catch up on sleep (so in 5 or 6 years…).

Baby Graham1

We spend an awful lot of time like this.

Baby Graham

Baby Paul1

If you need me this month I’ll look a lot like this.


I plan on posting about once a week and email response will be slow, but don’t worry, I’m still around. If you need more of a baby fix, he’s on Instagram a lot 🙂 Thank you so much for all your kind works and encouragement. I’m so glad to have him here and to not be pregnant!

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  1. Holli

    He’s beautiful!!! Wow! What a blessing to have a healthy, beautiful, baby boy!! Cute name too!! Glad that your doing well!

    God Speed And Get rest!

  2. Pat

    Graham is beautiful! Thank you for sharing photos of him. Make sure you rest at every opportunity. Congratulations to everyone.

  3. Holly

    He is just SO yummy!!! I’m amazed at all you do. Take all the time you need to recover–we all understand! And you definitely deserve a break!!!

  4. Becky

    I love seeing what he looked like just a few hours old. He looked just the same in you! Isn’t that crazy! I love him already <3

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