Help Us Name Our Farm Contest!

We bought some property last summer and we have stewed and stewed over a name for it. We had just about given up hope of thinking of something when Thomas suggested we ask all you guys! Hello! I should have thought of that. You all are the smartest people around.

Our first little lot that we discovered our love of hobby farming on has a little dilapidated house on it and we call that property The Shanty. It fits perfectly. We’ll say, “I’m just headed over to The Shanty to feed the chickens”, or “Could you swing by The Shanty and check on the lambs’ water on your way home.” For some reason it’s so nice to have a name for the place (which goes beyond the actual little house…).

Let me give you a little background and then we would LOVE to hear your suggestions (seriously, send me a list, this isn’t a one name per person kind of thing). If we use your name I’ll send you a fun big package in the mail full of all kinds of treasure. Trust me, it’ll be good. I love sending mail ๐Ÿ™‚

Help Us Name Our Farm Contest!

About the property:
The property is 7 acres settled right outside of town. My in-law’s house is right next door and on either side of that are fields. It feels private but we are really only a mile from school and less than that from our hardware and grocery stores, the bank, the cute little town pool, and the post office. We’ll build on the top acre (the house plans are done!!! I can’t wait to show you!), and will keep the bottom 6 acres agriculture (whether that means keeping animals on it or growing popcorn or alfalfa is yet to be determined). It has a small apple orchard which we will expand and I plan on planting berries, strawberries, and grapes on every available fence. The view is soul filling and I can’t wait to raise a bunch of kids there.

Help Us Name Our Farm Contest!

Local things that are close/things that we like that might be considered for a name:
White Mountain (the mountains we get our killer view from)
Elk Heart (another name for White Mountain)
Sugar Knoll (a prominent mountain landmark in our view)
Long Valley
The Valley
wild turkeys
bald eagles
sage brush
Virgin River (boarders the property)

Anything related to a farm:

I’m pretty sure that we would pick a name that was shorter than longer unless a longer name (which looks great online and for business purposes) had a great nickname.

What other information do you need?

I really can’t wait to hear from you and to get the juices flowing. Let’s figure this out!

Leave comments, send me an email. leave me a note on facebook… I don’t care. However you get get names to me, I’ll take it.

Thank you so much for all of your support and help. You all are the best. I bought way too many seeds today at our hardware store, have started dreaming up my garden, and have been figuring out where to put the chickens (even if it’s temporary) on the new place. I’m even thinking of getting an incubator to try to hatch some eggs of our own. Yay!

Help Us Name Our Farm Contest!

Help Us Name Our Farm Contest!

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48 Responses
  1. Kimberly Hill

    How about just simply “The Patch”? defines a “patch” as “a piece or tract of land; a plot; a small field, plot, or garden, especially one in which a specific type of plant grows or is cultivated”. “The Patch” could allude to pretty much anything you want…a strawberry patch, a pumpkin patch, a cabbage patch (Think: “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” –a classic), a patch of grass that feeds your sheep, the patch of land where the Virgin River flows along your property; the patch of land that IS your property where you and your husband work and toil to provide a wonderfully organic and sustainable life for your children. And it’s easy to say. So…you could have “The Shanty” and “The Patch”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sugar Knoll in Abundance
    Sugar Knoll Haven
    Prosperous and plentiful
    Awestruck Acres
    Hard to come By
    Soul Refreshing Acers
    Soul Satisfying Sugar Knoll Farms
    Dusk to Dawn Hillside
    Plentiful Abode & More
    Soul Fullfilling Farms
    Heaven on Earth

  3. Debbie C

    Let the place name itself… my life, most everything has received its name because it earned it……all of a sudden a “light bulb” goes off and there is the perfect name…..a child goes running by and says something, and its the perfect name……great things happen in time….besides, I am guessing the Shanty didn’t come with a name, it earned it! May you have a sunshiny day!!

  4. Susan

    When you mentioned there’s an orchard there, I immediately thought of the “Orchard House” near where I live in Concord, MA (it’s the home of Louisa May Alcott and her family and is a great place to visit!). Not too far from Concord is a place that is now a museum, but was set up in the 1840s as a type of Utopian society by many well-known philosophers called “Fruitlands.” If you read about the initial philosophy of Fruitlands, it’s pretty inspiring. Where you live no doubt looks very different than here, but I think the sentiment is the same! Good luck!

  5. Jamie

    (Last name) growing grounds.
    (“) Growing gardens.
    (“) gardening grounds
    I’m pretty sure your last name starts with a G. It’d be a fun alliteration!

  6. Amber

    Something with Hope in the name to remind you of your Hoosier heritage….Willow Hope, Sage Hope, Hope Valley, Hope Farms, Hope Valley Farms, Willow Hope Farms, Sage Hope Farms, etc.

  7. Salina

    Blessed Bliss Farm
    Dreamy Acres
    Good Life Farm
    Paradise Patch

    You truly are livin’ your dream. How wonderful! Good luck with the name!

  8. AnnaBanana

    Elk Heart Acres
    Dream Sage Farm
    Eagle Sage Acres
    Heritage Hollow

    Naming a farm. It seriously DOES NOT get much more exciting than that!!! Best wishes on picking the right name.

  9. Nicole

    Bountiful Acres
    Soul Sugar or Sugar Soul Farm – for Sugar Knoll, sugar in your baked goods, life being sweet, etc. plus the farm and view are like you said, soul filling.
    Mountain View Farm
    Good luck in picking a name ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Your property looks amazing! I can’t wait to see your house plans. And all your plans for the farm. We are hoping to move into our place mid-March! I can hardly wait, then I can start all the crazy projects my heart desires. My grandparents named their farm Brynhyfryd (it is Welsh, family heritage and all). I think it is so fun to have a farm name. I’ll have to think about it and get back to you.

  11. Suc a beautiful area and it sounds like it’s going to be an amazing farm! Here are some ideas fro myself and my 4 & 5 year olds:

    Good Life Farm
    Down Home Farm
    Willow Acres
    Heritage Farms
    Awesome Cool Farm (can you guess who suggested that one?!)
    (Your last name) Farm
    Hope Farm
    The Gathering Farm
    Naturally Yours Farm
    Jubilant Farms
    Peaceful Acres
    Shindig Farms
    Rambunctious Acres

    Good luck in choosing a name!

  12. Kelly

    “Slice of Heaven”. Came to mind. Would love to have a view like that. Or “Loving Farm”. “Sugar Heritage”. “Serenity Valley”. Here are a few. Good luck.

  13. Nicole

    All The Things.
    You use that so often–and you have all the things! All the views, all the gardens, all the animals, all the beauty, all the family, all the love.
    All the Farm. <3
    All you need.

      1. Nicole

        When you get there, will you advise me on how to keep those beasts in even a semblance of rows? Ours is a strawberry bramble, taking over the garden more and more each year! Started with one plant and there must be runners in a zillion directions now. I hate to be a plant killer but I may need to–right? To get them in line? They’re still pickable, the picker just needs to be a nimble contortionist! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Sue

    Perinennal farms…not sure if I spelt it correct….but the meaning is…it will be there forever….everything comes back…every year…love..animals, etc….

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