Happy Mow-ther’s Day!

My mother-in-law is amazing. She is funny, smart, and active. She is also incredibly hard on lawnmowers. She goes through them almost as fast as she goes through her Caffeine-free Diet Coke. There are probably three mowers by my father-in-law’s shop that she’s broken and he hasn’t fixed. She was recently lamenting the fact that she has no lawnmower for mowin’ weeds. She can’t use her lawn-lawnmower for the weeds because she’ll ruin it (and then she’d have NO mower…). She told me of her need for something cheap and light that she could be hard on and not worry about.

Now this isn’t traditional, but it’s so me. I decided to buy her a used lawnmower for Mother’s Day. Nothing says love like a used yard tool, right?! I know she’ll love it. It’s a smidge early for present giving, but her weeds are growing and I’m going to give it to her this weekend instead of waiting.
I bought this beauty from a man in town who refurbishes and resells this type of thing. As I looked at the mower I thought I should “Mother’s Day-ize” it. And nothing says Mother’s Day like some grandkid handprints. Bring on the paint and the little people.

A used red push lawnmower on concrete

I wiped the mower down with a vinegar soaked rag and then busted out my acrylic paints. I had the kids add some classic Mother’s Day handprints and then let them do some painting of their own. Baby was way too helpful, so he was exiled to the walker.

Top view of a paint-decorated lawnmower next to a baby in a walker and a little girl with paints

After a few coats of paint we now have a Mother’s Day gift fit for a grandma.

A push lawnmower decorated with paint, hand prints, ribbons, and the words Happy Mow-thers Day

Get it? Happy MOW-ther’s Day!

Top view of a paint-decorated push lawnmower with the words We Love Lucy and Happy Mow-thers DayClose-up view of a hand-painted push lawnmower with the words We love Lucy and Happy Mow-thers Day


I’m sure the paint won’t last forever, but it sure makes the gift a little more personalized.

Top view of a painted push lawnmower with children's handprints

I thought some fabric on the handle might make gripping it more comfortable and I always like to tie the clutch down.

Yellow and orange checked fabric tied around the handle of a push lawnmower

I know it’s pretty ghetto-fabulous but she’s going to think of us every time she mows.

Front view of a paint-decorated push lawnmower with children's handprints

I can’t wait to show you the card I dreamed up today to accompany the mower.

What are you all working on for your moms and grandmas? Any great ideas for those of us who have to send our momma’s gift in the mail? Sorry Mom, I’m not mailing you a mower.

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Very sweet gift. Love the hand prints.

That is SUCH a great idea!

Love it!! Probably one of the best gifts you could have given her. The most precious parts are the little hand prints!!

So sweet!!

Thanks for sharing with us on at the Lovely Things Thursday Linky Party.

Following you in all the locations I can.

Stop by and enter in a couple of giveaways I currently have going on.


Awww, what a cute gift! Thanks for linking up to Lovely Things Thursday!


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