How to: Fresh Eggs for Giving

It’s neighbor gift time and I couldn’t be more excited.

As I thought about my favorite food gifts that I have been on the receiving end of, I thought of the few times that people brought nonsweet items over. Don’t get me wrong. I love a plate of cookies as much as the next woman, but in the extra sweetness of the Holidays the savory stood out in my mind. On two occasions I had people bring over homemade breakfast burritos all wrapped in foil. They were ready to be heated up then or stuck in the freezer for a later day. It was awesome! One morning when I had a bunch I needed to get done, I just popped them in the oven and thought of the great friend that brought them. My gift is along those same line… a savory meal idea that is sure to please.

Instead of making the whole meal why not give the main ingredient? In this case, beautiful farm fresh eggs. Attach the recipe for a simple Egg Casserole, a ribbon, and you are done! We have backyard chickens and so fresh eggs are a true gift from our heart. If you aren’t raising your own hens this would be a great time to find a source for local fresh eggs. This gift sure isn’t hard to put together and supporting the local economy is such a great thing to do, especially during the holidays. Plus there’s something extra special and nostalgic about a cart full of colorful eggs. Everyone loves them!

If your friends and family don’t get to making the recipe, I’m positive they’ll use the eggs. Baking season is here!

Fresh Eggs for Giving - fresh eggs and free recipe card for the perfect neighbor gift!

Just right click on the image below to print it off!

Fresh Eggs for Giving - fresh eggs and free recipe card for the perfect neighbor gift!

Fresh Eggs for Giving - fresh eggs and free recipe card for the perfect neighbor gift!

Simply tie the ribbon around the carton, add the ornament (you can find my cute Mason Jar Christmas ornaments here), and add the recipe. So very easy and yet it feels like a gift from home.

I’m all about simple gifts this year! I’m all about simple gifts this year! Sometimes the best things to give are the simple pleasure that nature made beautiful just because she could. Enjoy!

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Linda Schabelski

What a novel idea

Stephanie M.

I love these joint bloggers giveaways! I able to find new bloggers that I may never have known were available.
Loving the Blendtec Blender, it would be great to use Christmas morning to mix homemade gluten free mixed berry pancakes for breakfast.
Happiest of holidays to all and best of luck to everyone!

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