Family Valentine’s Mailbox

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday… (whatever happened to that girl?!).

This post ins’t quiet the perfectly executed craft with the perfect pictures to match. This is a real life post with real life pictures to match but it was something I really wanted to share with you.

I love Valentine’s Day and I have my whole life. I have a few favorite memories of the day and if you’ll let me I’ll indulge in telling them to you.

Memory 1: In second or third grade we were asked to make a Valentine’s mailbox to hold the valentines our friends gave to us. I remember making a pink pig Valentine pig with a slot in its back for the Valentine’s. He had a heart-shaped snout and ears and a curly tail. It was adorable, I knew it, and I was oh so proud of that pink pig.

Memory 2: My mom isn’t super into holidays. She’s pretty low-key and raised six children, so she had plenty to do besides decorate or celebrate the little holidays. One year however I remember her making my bed while I was at school and placing a small chocolate heart and a box of conversation hearts on my freshly made bed. The image of my bed as I walked into my room is still vivid in my mind. That small act of kindness, which she probably has long forgotten, is one of my favorite memories. Thanks Momma.

Memory 3: I had a really tight group of friends in high school and within that group was a boy that I dated steadily the last few years high school. It was really fun to date a guy that was already friends with all my friends and vice versa. He and I spent as much time with our group of friends as we did doing our own things. Our Senior year was straight out of High School Musical 3; amazing, memorable, and surrounded by so many people we love. Ferg (what we all called him), my high school Troy Bolton if you will, and I were the only couple in our friend group in February of our senior year. Instead of doing something alone we decided to throw a fancy dinner party for all of our friends.

We passed out invitations, I borrowed lead crystal serving bowls from my grandma, and we went shopping together. Valentine’s Day was on a Friday that year, so after school I commandeered his mom’s kitchen and cooked my heart out. I remember just what we ate and that the whole green beans were still crunchy when I served them (who knew fresh green beans took so long to cook?!). I can almost tell you who was sitting where around the table we lovingly decorated. I loved that night. It was so much fun to share that day, as the school year was ending, with some of my favorite people.

Memory 4: A few years later I found myself at BYU in an apartment with 5 other girls including my sister. That year for Valentine’s every single roommate had a boyfriend and every single roommate ended up with a bouquet of flowers; everyone except for me that is. The flowers weren’t tucked onto bookshelves or desks in their bedrooms either; they were all proudly displayed on the kitchen bar for all to see as soon as you entered the apartment. Five beautiful bouquets for an apartment of six girls. Now that just wouldn’t do! While everyone was out I found my own vase and stole one flower from each of their bouquets. I put my five flowers in the vase and set it in line with the others. Six bouquets for a six girl apartment, now that was more like it.

I spent that night, while everyone else was out on a date, in a hot tub with fancy homemade drinks and my best friend Chelise. It was a cold rainy February night in Utah so we took umbrellas to the hot tub with us to keep the cold rain off our bare shoulders. Have you ever seen someone sitting in a hot tub in the rain holding an umbrella? I bet we looked pretty funny but it was one of my favorite nights ever.

Aren’t those great memories! Valentine’s Day is great single, dating, married, and everything in between.

I really do like this holiday and I try to make it memorable. Last year I did a 14-day countdown for my husband which was a lot of fun, and this year I wanted to do something similar for my kids. I did some brainstorm and came up with a family Valentine’s mailbox. I thought it would be fun for everyone to be able to leave notes, pictures, and surprises for each other instead of just me giving things.

Here is our family love letter mail box that we’ve been working on together. It’s an oatmeal container and a wrapping paper tube…

Valentines mailbox

I have been picking up little things here and there to put in the Valentine’s mailbox. Things like stickers, a new note book, some candy, bubbles, and a fancy bag of gold fish crackers (a treat in this house) are hiding and waiting to go into the mail box. The kids have been making pictures for each other and for dad. I plan on writing lots little notes too.

Valentine's mailbox ideas

I just really liked the idea of the kids having a chance to work and serve and create for members of the family. There is a little flag attached to the side so that we can put it up when there is mail inside. They look to see if the flag is up constantly.

Valentine's mailbox ideas1

I posted this today because it is February 1 which gives you two weeks before Valentine’s Day to use the mailbox. You could make it today and have it ready or you could wait until Monday and make your mailbox together for family night. The kids loved helping make and decorate the box and I think it gives them more ownership in the project. And what kid doesn’t like to get a note telling them how great they are every day? I’m secretly hoping for a love note from my Valentine sometime in the next two weeks too. Fingers crossed! *hint hint* *cough cough*

If you are looking for a more low-key way to spread family love Shauni, at 71-toes, had the cutest idea on her blog. They write notes on hearts to each other and then stick them all over the house. It was adorable! Here is her full post on their Valentine’s tradition.

I’m prepping a fun round-up of some great Valentine’d ideas for Monday, so stay tuned for more great ideas.

Happy Weekend to You. Any great plans?

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bhahahaha….how did you find dresses like that in PROVO, UT?! too funny! I’ve done the 14 days of valentines for my hubby for 4 years now. This year and last year I made yummy breakfasts (which I never do). I’m glad he appreciates all my missed sleep cuz he wakes up early! I”m making your red velvet cheese cake hearts for v-day dessert (he has to work, so we are eating out Saturday.) Rob usually gets the boys conversation hearts for vday, but he said this year he’s going to get them a different treat.


So many good memories from high school! I would have to say we had one amazing group of friends and of course they were lucky to have us that Valentine’s Day ๐Ÿ™‚

Bobi Jensen

2 Things: I love that your roommates read your blog :). Second, I just saw Rebecca Black (who sang the Friday song) on Ricki Lake.

Oh, thirdly, I just admitted I watch Ricki Lake.

I’ll go now.

Cute post :)>


And was that the girl’s night (Ashley is referring to) when we dressed up and had fajitas? Because I DO have a couple pictures of that, but I’m not sure how much everyone wants me to share them… ๐Ÿ™‚



Maybe we can edit me out of that photo? I even wrote in my journal (i had to go back and check too!) about getting those pictures back from being developed and how awful I looked in them. Hah! But I also notated that I did not receive flowers either on that valentines day….and i was mad about it…now I wonder what happened!


I love that dinner idea with your high school friends! What a great memory.

On the other hand, all I remember about Valentine’s Day the year we lived together (2005?) is that I got in trouble for (truthfully) telling my boyfriend that I think it’s a stupid holiday and I’d rather ignore it, then decorating the crap out of his room with cheesy hearts and stuff–as a joke. I don’t remember having flowers, but if I did, I love that you stole them.

And that is a cute idea for your family. Kids make holidays more fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


Love this idea, thanks!


Oh, but I did get flowers, my dad sent them ๐Ÿ™‚


So I looked it up in my journal…I did not have a boy friend for that Valentines Day. I had just met Ben a few days before but we hadn’t gone on a date yet. I spent the evening at a friends watching a movie. I do remember the girls night that we had earlier that week…I am trying to find the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

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