Currently: The First Day of Fall


Currently: The First Day of Fall

Thinking… There’s so much hope wrapped around today for me. I have had today, the first day of fall 2016, in my mind for a long long time. I’ve even been planning on it, in one way or another, for at least a year. Things have been hard here. Sure, the recipes look delicious, but building a house, raising 5 little souls, and trying to support my husband has been super challenging. I make little goals in my mind that go along the lines of, “I can do *insert hard thing* until the end of school.” When the end of school hit, I told myself I could do the next hard thing until the 4th of July. I’ve been doing this for a years now (building and opening the hardware store was no joke either, and neither was remodeling our house without a kitchen sink for 9 months). So when I found out I was pregnant with Mr. Squishy, I started thinking about today, the first day of fall in 2016. I knew he’d be just over a year old and that the rush of the school year would be over. I told myself that if I could make it today, then I could make it. I’m here and it feels so good.

Feeling… like I’m ready to take care of myself a little better. That’s what I told myself – the fall of 2016 would be for me, a time to regroup and make sure my own needs are being met. I’m not pregnant, I’m not nursing, and it’s time to get healthy in body and mind. I’m losing my baby weight, I’m reading books, I’m taking time to be with friends that mean so much to me, and I’m toying with the idea of a little trip for Thomas and I this fall or winter. I’m working on being ok with who I am and verbalizing my needs and wants, I’m listening to my heart and my body, and I’m trying to listen a little less to what other people say I should be doing/wanting/thinking/feeling. I’m not sure what all that means, but I’m trying to be happy and healthy.

Currently: The First Day of Fall - Headshot

Watching… Limitless on Netflix. We don’t watch a lot of shows, but this one we catch an episode or two of every week and have been really liking it. It’s funny, clean, and pretty neat. If you are looking for a show, you might want to read about it. Rumor has it though that they aren’t making more seasons, which is too bad now that we’ve started. I also heard that there’s a new season of Call the Midwife, though I haven’t gotten to check it out yet!

Reading…a few things. I read Love Warrior in one evening. I loved it. It’s a powerful but emotional read about healing and forgiveness. I’m in the middle of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. I’ve read a lot of marriage and relationship books, and this one is excellent. It goes way beyond the idea that we just need to communicate better. I highly recommend it. I’m also reading Positive Discipline for the second time. It’s so good and all parents should have to read it. I’m serious, they should send this home from the hospital with anyone who just had a baby.

Excited… about all the plans that Cassie and I have for my blog. I have been wanting a new site design for well over a year and have been working to get it made. I was on a waiting list for a design company for over 11 months when Cassie told me that she would do the design for me! I’m dying inside, because what she has sent over is amazing. It’s going to be quick, pretty, and extremely user-friendly. I’m hoping to have it live by the end of the year and I’m getting so excited to show it to you.

Missing… my kids while they are at school. I really really like having my kids home with me. They come home so tired and with homework to do, and I feel like our whole evening is homework, dinner, and getting ready for bed. I miss spending time with them when we don’t have to get something done. They aren’t even doing anything right now besides school. I said no to soccer and we aren’t doing any music or dance lessons, but I’m still feeling like they have too much on their plates. School is a full-time job for little people, that’s for sure.

Currently: The First Day of Fall

Wondering… if I should close down my Etsy shop for this Christmas. I like sending out my wood nativities from my home to yours, but this year is so house-building-heavy that I’m not sure if it is worth my time or not. I’m hoping to find a local shipping manager (aka a friend who can do it for me), but I haven’t started asking around yet. It’s up in the air. I like it, but I’m just not sure it’s where my time should be spent this year.

Working… out! I haven’t worked out much, ever. I have always been pregnant, with a new nursing baby, or just too tired. A few weeks ago, I started lifting weights with a few friends at the high school at 6 am three mornings a week. It is AWESOME! I’m having so much fun. My friend Julie is leading the group, and she’s so good at it. If you need a little fitness inspiration or help, you can check out her Instagram videos here.

Currently: The First Day of Fall

Proud… of all the work Thomas has done on the house. As hard as building a house is for me, it’s incredibly rewarding for him, and I try to remember that. I’m constantly amazed at what he knows how to do. And if if doesn’t know how to do it, he figures it out. I know for a fact that I would never be able to build a house. He’s learning all kinds of things and it’s going to be a truly beautiful home one day. I’m so proud of him. I think I’ll like the project more when we get past building, wiring, plumbing, and sheet rocking. Once we hit painting, flooring, and finishing, I think I’ll be able to help more and I’ll like it, maybe!

Wanting… my little people to stay little just a while longer.

Currently: The First Day of Fall

Wishing… I could snap my fingers and just know that was the best for all the house decisions. There are so many! Will I want a gray house forever? How on earth am I supposed to pick flooring to withstand years of kids playing on them?  Seriously, I just want a nice house. I’m nervous we are going to have a list of things we wish we would have done differently. I know that’s normal for most things, but this is such a big project and we do have so much control over it, so doing it really well the first time is the goal!

Eating… all kinds of fall deliciousness like corn chowder, all the slow cooker meals, my forever favorite egg bake, and all things apple (we can’t get enough of this caramel dip – it’s just so easy and always perfect). I did in fact make my very first fresh peach pie this Sunday, just for fun. It was delicious, if I do say so myself! I was so proud of it.

Currently: The First Day of Fall

Drinking… all the cider! Our trees have no less than ONE MILLION apples on them and I love it! That slow cooker apple cider recipe is fun and easy, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to borrow a big cider press from friends this year and press gallons and gallons, like we have in years past. I would love that.

Loving…fall, friends, food, family, and feathered friends (I just got 6 more chicks, bringing my total up to 18 hens and one rooster! I’m officially a crazy chicken lady).

Thank you for being here. I’m so grateful for YOU too.

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Scratch that, I just saw a few more photos, you definitely live in the Valley. I have saved a few of your posts on Pinterest, your blog is great!

I totally hear you on the not pregnant/nursing thing and now I can finally focus on me and my health! 🙂 Hope you guys are doing well…

All the feels Melissa 🙂 I love this post.

Seriously in awe of you guys.
Living in the desert, fall has always felt what I imagine spring feels like living other places-hope. After a long, extended and really hot summer, that emergence of crisp coolness feels like a life line.
Kids in school stinks. Poor Henry is always pooped too. Thankfully our school is moving towards limited homework so all he has is reading time and a few math practice problems. That made me so happy.
Glad you’re making it through and counting the victories on the way.

Hi! Another blog I follow MisforMomma… They are self building (not hiring laborers) their second home. Her blog, or fankly if you email her, might have some good starting points for a home with lots of kids. They have 6 right now, 11 and under. Just an idea for a starting point on nice and tough lasting finishing. Also, Biblicalhomemaking is another blogger who built own house in 2014/2015 and has 6 kids, so she has blogs about finishes and large family ideas when building your own home too.

Love this. So excited for your new website!

This post is just, Beautiful.
You definitely have a lot going on, and I feel you! We are almost at the end of selling out house and buying a new one.
It has been a long road but will be totally worth it in the end! Although we aren’t building the house, I’m still having the same issues with, how do I decorate a house double the size of my old one!?
One step at a time, that’s all we can do 🙂
Have a wonderful fall!

It is great reading an update of what you have been up to. Have you ever considered homeschooling? My oldest is turning 9 this year and with 5 kids we were feeling the same way- that there was no down time or enough family time. Homeschooling has been a great solution for us.

This is the problem we ran into with homeschooling. Having a broad enough support group here to do things with/swap ideas etc. And I even had a charter for resources/curriculum but it’s really hard when it’s all you, all the time. Also any really good resources field trip wise are an hour away, and because of the drought it wasn’t even possible to do much in the way of planting and growing. We have friends who do it in around the Seattle area and in Arizona and they have great support systems.

I wrote out most of our reasons here: I would image that it would be quite difficult without much support near you. I’m not sure how it works where you live but as we looked more into it I was really surprised just how many resources, curriculums and groups there were near us. Check out ‘LDS Homeschool’ on Facebook- it’s an international group and maybe there is someone near you who could give you some additional information about homeschooling in your area. You public school does sound pretty great though too!

Wow, you’ve got a lot going on! I’m so proud of you!!! You’ve made some goals and stuck with them. You’ve accomplished many of them. I love hearing about your life and your beautiful family <3

Love this post! I also play the “I just have to get through this…” game. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old and I feel like I have been playing this game since I found out I was pregnant the first time. I love my babies more than anything but man is 0-3 years hard 🙁
I just keep telling myself
It has to get better

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