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Thinking… that I have over 30 amazing recipe posts ready and waiting to share with you, BUT it feels funny to skip over such an important event in my life. That’s why you get a little baby update today! If this isn’t your thing, stay tuned, November is going to be good to you and your recipe collection!

We welcomed baby Paul into the world on Friday morning (how has it almost been a week already!?) and life has been so full since then. Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve shown. I just love sharing these little treasured moments with you.


Feeling… grateful. Thomas and I found out that we have a blood incompatibility which causes our babies to get ridiculously bad jaundice after birth. Our other kids had this issue too and spent 5 days in the hospital. I had the baby in a birth center but we were planning and prepared to take him to the hospital at just 12 hours old. When you know what’s coming you can prepare for it! Well after initial testing they sent us home with lights to do treatment at our house. WHAT?! That was completely unexpected. And after only 4 days on lights here at the house, he’s done, better, and healthy. We are so very grateful that things went so well. I’m really feeling blessed.

Watching… baby smiles in his sleep. I wonder what he’s dreaming about.

Reading… Undaunted. It’s a HUGE book and one of the first historical fictions I’ve ever ready. I’m liking it so far. Reading – a perk of nursing all the time.

Excited… that I’m not pregnant any more. The last six weeks of pregnancy were physically and emotionally awful. Having a newborn is so much easier than being pregnant for me.

baby collage

Missing… sleeping next to his light box. NOT! It was like sleeping next to a Las Vegas billboard. So bright!

Wondering… when I can take a nap 😉

Working… on keeping everyone alive, fed, and in clean clothes. That’s no small feat some days.

new baby

Stressed… nothing too much. That baby does have a funny bump on his head that I’m a little nervous about. We are taking him to the doctor tomorrow though so I just have to wait until then to see what they think. I’m sure it’s nothing but I’d like to be told that for sure!

Proud… of my natural birth. I’ve had a c-section and now three unmedicated vaginal births. All have been hard but I’d take an unmedicated birth over a c-section any day. Natural childbirth isn’t for the faint of heart though and I’m always so stinkin’ proud of myself when it is over. This birth was odd too in how long it lasted. It took me over 10 hours to progress from a 5 to a 10 and those were some long hard hours. But when it is all said and done I always feel like I accomplished something absolutely amazing.

babies in the bed

Wanting… sugar, sugar, and more sugar. What’s with the craving what you don’t really need? I’ve been doing great about eating healthy but that hasn’t stopped my sugar cravings. Pass the leftover Halloween candy please.

Wishing… It were Saturday night. My mom is flying in from Kentucky to spend a whole week with me and I just can’t wait for her to get here! She always comes to Utah when I have a baby to spoil me and to be grandma for the older kids. I love when she comes and she just can’t get here fast enough.

baby and may

Eating… everyone else’s delicious food. Perk of having a baby is all your neighbors feed you and you get to see what their specialties are. I’ve had the most delicious enchiladas, homemade mac-n-cheese, brown butter frosted pumpkin cookies, and soup this week. I think a few people had reservations about bringing me meals because I do love food and to cook, but things that I didn’t have to make are ALWAYS (always!) welcome and delicious.

Drinking… water and Trader Joe’s Tropical Carrot Juice. Tasty!

Loving… losing 25 pounds in a week. Really! It’s crazy how much better I sleep, how much less my body, knees, back, and hips hurt, and how nice it feels to not waddle like a duck where ever I go. Sure I have another 25 pounds to go, but I didn’t gain all that weight in a day and I don’t expect to lose it in a day either.

Thanks again for all your well wishes on facebook and instagram. It means so much to mean and really perks up my day. You all are the best!


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19 Responses
  1. Mandy

    Congrats on the newest addition to your family! I just found your summer clean eating blog and love it. Now that we are heading into colder months, do you have a winter one? Would love to see it. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations!! He’s adorable! My niece had to have one of those “bili-blanket” things too. She turned two yesterday – can’t believe how fast time flies! We are expecting our first baby due in just nine weeks! Eek! =]

  3. Susan Carroll

    You have acomplished something great! Drops of Awesome to you!.And such a cute accomplishment he is.
    Oh, if you are craving sugar – get more Vit C, which is in all sweet things in nature. Craving chocolate (not just liking,but CRAVING), bread, cookies, etc. get more B vitamins, which are in whole grains, pork. If you need vitamins, Nature Made are the best, and also one of the most affordable ( no I don’t get a promotional fee, they just have what they say in an absorbable formula)

  4. I have the same Incompatibility! My son did light therapy during the time I was in the hospital then we got the bilibed once I was discharged. It was hard to feel like I was abandoning my baby because he had to stay on it all day and night!

  5. Amber

    Congrats, and I’m so happy you got to go home and enjoy your newborn instead of staying in the hospital. You look wonderful and looking skinny! I hope I recover as quickly as you did….we’ll see in a few weeks!

  6. Holly

    Love this post. LOVE little Paul–he adorable! What a blessing that he was able to come home right away & only had to do lights for a few days. So, so, so, so happy for you! I still can’t believe you have FOUR kids now. It really doesn’t seem that long ago when we were visiting you in the hospital after you had Macey…my how time flies. Congratulations with everything! And that’s so crazy to me that having a newborn is much easier for you than being pregnant. Newborns terrify me, and I am on high stress from the moment my babies are born…probably until they about turn one, haha. I’m happy for you that you’re happy!!!

  7. Beautiful pictures and such a sweet baby. You are amazing and you look great. Thanks for a wonderful update into what’s going on in your family. I can tell my littlest one is 2 years old because I get itchy to get pregnant again every time I see pics of a newborn and hear about unmedicated birth. I’m a homebirthing mama myself and I can honestly say that there’s not a more beautiful experience than giving birth and feeling every bit of it. Congratulations!!

  8. He is so beautiful! I’m so happy for you and yours, Melissa.

    And… go you! Natural is so tough (and as Marianne says SCARY as you come up to it), but then it’s such an amazing thing and also fulfilling. 🙂

    Go enjoy a baby snuggle moment!

  9. CJ

    This is when I’m super sad you don’t live here so that I could hold that baby and get a million more confessions from you. When will we ever meet again? Not soon enough I tell you. Love you and Paul and all things Griffiths

  10. Marianne

    Congratulations. I obviously don’t know you personally but love your recipes and your sharing and your FANTASTIC spirit and attitude. I totally understand the having a newborn is so much nicer than being huge and pregnant and uncomfortable. And though I dread my natural childbirths every time because it is so hard and so scary for an anxious girl like me, I too keep on doing it because it is quite the feeling of accomplishment afterward and recovery gets faster and faster for me with each kid. Hallelujah! Hope you have a quick recovery and get some rest.

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