Currently… almost baby time!

Thinking… my belly is huge! I guess that’s what you get with a 5th baby. The funny thing is, I think I’ve been this big for months (I’ve been getting the “when are you due!?” question for ages). I got big fast and stayed that way but I don’t feel like I’m getting much bigger as the weeks go on. Here’s the nice thing about being big, my ribs and guts don’t hurt like they have in the past. Sure there’s plenty of cons, but we won’t worry about those right now. I also chopped off my hair and permed it. Best. Decision. Ever! (PS. this picture is a month old and now that I look at things I’m definitely still growing. LOL)

Melissa's new do

Feeling… better than I have in about 8 months. Life has been weird and hard and being emotional and physically sick/in pain has only made seeing the silver lining in life a task that I’d forgotten how to do as often as I should. I’ll credit the “light at the end of the tunnel” feeling I have right now in regards to pregnancy and a good heart to heart Thomas and I had 2 weeks ago to the change. It’s amazing how hearing hard things from someone you love and trust can change everything. I’m so glad I married him.

Reading… An assortment of things. I’m super tired most afternoons and sleep eludes me all night and even during the day. So instead of napping I’ve been reading for a few minutes in my bed. It’s lovely. I’m reading a Mary Higgin’s Clark book right now from the bookmobile as well as this fun Farm Girl Vintage quilting book I just ordered (fabulous by the way).

Excited… that my pie did so well at the 4th of July Pie Contest in town! I tried a new crust recipe from Completely Delicious and it was AMAZING. She uses a method that I have never seen or tried before and it worked really well (it’s all butter too which I love!). I highly recommend checking out her tutorial (here). I made this amazing Salted Turtle Cream Cheese Pie (though I called it a Creamy Turtle Pie because I chose not to add the salt to the crust) and it tied for second place. I also made a blackberry and raspberry pie, which could have used a little more sugar, but my was it pretty (pictured below). Funny fact though, my family doesn’t really like pie. I like it, but most of the time we don’t finish a whole one because no one is crazy about it. Weirdos.


Missing… being able to bend over and pick something off the floor.

Wondering… when this baby will come! I’m about 3 weeks away from my “due date”, but I also know that I might have 4 or so weeks left. I’ve had babies at 14 days early, 7 days early, 1 day late (in labor on my due date though), and 4 days late. Experience has also taught me that having expectations about this kind of waiting game is the quickest way to misery. I’m not feeling anxious about the when but I can’t help catching myself wondering when he’ll be here. That date will be his birthday forever and I’m so curious about when it will be! Time will tell…

Working… on enjoying every minute of summer with my kids at home. My dad told me on the phone a few weeks ago that I needed to stop worrying so much about things I can’t control and to enjoy the things that I have right in front of me. It was the best advice and I took it to heart. Our summer is pretty short and I kind of consider it over once the baby gets here because that will change everything; then school starts just a few weeks later. So we’ve been swimming multiple times of week, enjoyed working in the garden, and spent plenty of time in the backyard having picnics or working on crafts. It’s been fun for me and I hope the kids feel the same way.

Stressed… is kind of like anxious isn’t it? Pregnancy is weird and has been giving me anxiety about odd things. I have a really hard time crossing the highway that runs through the middle of our town (which also runs between our house and the beloved pool, so there’s no avoiding it) while walking with all of my kids. We always use the cross walk but I’m terrified some distracted driver isn’t going to see us. I about had a panic attack driving through the tunnel in Zion National Park yesterday because I was sure I was going to either hit an oncoming car or the side of the tunnel which would rocket me into an oncoming car. I worry about how much the baby is (or isn’t) moving at about 3 am. The baby is fine, but that late at night I’m just sure something is wrong. I think it’s safe to say I have a pregnancy induced fear of my children dying. I hear it’s pretty normal, but man, some days it takes a lot out of me.

Proud… of the little fish that I’m raising. We did 2 weeks of swim lessons at the beginning of June for the 3 oldest and they are like minnows now! I’m just shocked at how much those teachers can show a group of 10 kids in 30 minutes. Kimball who hasn’t taken any lessons before now can literally swim. I wish I had some pictures but I never take the phone to the pool. I’m also proud of myself for going to water aerobics most every night this summer. I LOVE going and it has helped so much with my hip and back pain. Plus, it just feels nice to be in the water. I think I’m raising fish because secretly I’m one myself. I love swimming and water.

Wanting… time and energy to create things. I know they’ll be a time and a season for that but I can’t help but want a bit of it now. I bought this material from our store just for a “one day” project. Oh fat quarter bundles how I love thee.


Eating… Watermelon and lots of it, all things grilled, green peas from the garden, and homegrown Swiss chard in my green smoothies in the morning.

swiss chard garden peas

melon picture1

Drinking… water and ice if that counts. The little sandwich shop in town has really great soft ice and I waddle over most days for a $.25 cup to munch on all afternoon. I love ice and ice-cold water.


Loving… Blue Cricket Design and embroidery! I ordered some embroidery kits off of Etsy from Blue Cricket Design for my Activity Day girls (8-11 year olds at church that I get to work with) and they were in LOVE! I’ve gotten a bunch of embroidery stuff and my kids have gone to town. Macey (almost 8) and Henry (5) both did one of the kits from Blue Cricket Design and loved them. Kimball (barely 4) has even taken an interest. I drew a simple baseball on some cheap felt and stuck it in a hoop and he’s embroidered the whole thing. It took him a minute to remember to go up and down with the needle instead of always starting on the top and pushing the need through, but once that clicked in his mind he did great. I found these great Wash-Out Fabric Pens online and we’ve been working on our own patterns too. My kids are both embroidering the letters in their names. I think if we stay with this long enough they’ll have enough embroidered squares to make a quilt! It’s been a great quiet activity in the afternoon and I highly recommend trying it. Heck, I’m even planning on doing some embroidery for Christmas gifts this year. Next up is to have them try counted cross-stitch.

henry's stitching

Wishing… and hoping you all know how much you mean to me. Your kind comments and thoughts always brighten my day and I wouldn’t have this blessing of a blog in my life without you here. Thank you.

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Thanks for the pie crust recipe. I really enjoy your blog.


Hey, I live in Utah too… Good luck with your 5th baby. Babies are such blessings.


I love reading your posts. You remind me of my younger days and the feelings I had then. You make my day 🙂


Good luck !


This post gave me chill bumps 4 times while reading! Thank your dad and boyfriend (lol!) for uplifting you and in turn uplifting me! You are a ray of sunshine! I love all your posts but this is by far my favorite post!

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