Thinking… that all things are made better by listening to Dave Matthews Band.

Feeling… pain. I don’t know what it is about the last 6 or so weeks of pregnancy for me, but I just hurt. So. Bad. I feel like my hips and my legs are going to break off from each other; walking is a nightmare so I waddle. I stood at my kitchen sink tonight while dinner was cooking and dishes were waiting to be loaded and just sobbed. How am I supposed to care for so many other people in so much pain for so much longer? *just keep swimming, just keep swimming*

Watching… Master Chef season 3. I try to watch episodes online after they air because I really do like the show. I know the winner has already been chosen but I’m still about 8 episodes behind. I’ll have time catch-up one day right?!

Reading… this blog post over and over again. If you don’t know it yet, I really like Emily over at One Lovely Life and this post is totally why. She’s amazing, positive, and real. Her struggles are not my own but we all struggle in one way or another and this post really gave me a lot to think about this week. I’d make the time to read it if I were you.

gourd on corn

Excited… for fall. I, like the rest of the world, could not be more excited for fall. My garden may have not produced any 500 pound pumpkins but it has managed to grow about 50 pumpkins ranging in size from large to tiny. Plus I have gourds, corn stalks, and my very own popcorn (that looks like Indian corn). And then there are the apples! We’ve been dreaming of a cider press for years and this might just be the year we splurge and get one. Fall is a happy time in the garden. The weeding is done and the bounty is ready for the picking.

Missing… my mom. Kentucky and Utah are way, way, WAY too far from each other.

Working… on Halloween costumes! I vowed to make my kids Halloween long before I even had kids and make them I do.

breaking Beans

Stressed… about canning. I love to can, I want to can, I have some kind of “non-wasting gene” inside of me that compels me to preserve anything and everything that I can get my hands on this time of year. But I’m tired. And I’m hot. And did I mention I’m tired. So instead of not canning, I just do it, and get more tired, and then worry about how much more there is to do. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll be grateful for the first frost that kills most things in the garden to put me out of my misery. All this work isn’t without its preks though. I won’t feel this way when all I have to do is pop a bottle of my shelf to enjoy wonderful garden vittles and delicious fruits, but until then, it stresses me out a little.

apple chips

Wanting… to live in our dream house. I don’t want to start building it; I haven’t recovered from our last project, but I’m ready to be living in it. The renter’s life is not for me…

Wishing… I had a big ole’ claw-foot tub to soak in right now. Or any tub for that matter that would big enough for me to enjoy a hot bath without my belly poking out of the water getting cold 🙂 No one likes a cold belly.

cabbage the size of my head!

Eating… nothing, but I’m due for a banana and peanut butter in about an hour. I eat one just about every night before bed.

Drinking… water. With a ridiculous amount of ice.

Loving… blogging. You all make this the best hobby around and I really do love it. Where would I be without you?!

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What a sweet picture of you and Henry! You’re a great mom!


I loved this post 🙂
By the way, it’s been three weeks since she was born and I can lift my legs in the shower to shave! It DOES go away!


Oh gosh, do I feel you about canning (or really, just preserving in general). I have at least a bushel of green beans and a giant bowl of basil in the downstairs fridge. They’ve just been sitting there for days because I’m totally food preserving burnt out.


I’m sure you already have one but just in case you don’t, my sister in law was just pregnant with her 4th, and like you, she was dying. She said a supportive belly band and compression socks were amazing. For her they made the difference between being able to walk around a store and having to use their motorized carts. She couldn’t stop talking about them. So just in case you haven’t tried that route, it’d be worth it so you don’t hurt so bad! I’m so sorry!!


Instead of canning, you can freeze almost anything, if you have room in the freezer. I love this site It isn’t as hot as canning and you can do smaller batches 🙂 I hope you feel better!

Erin @ Texanerin Baking

I’m sorry that you’re in pain. 🙁 I hope it’ll end soon – even before the baby comes!

50 pumpkins is way better than 500. What in the world would you do with 500? 🙂 And canning everything makes sense to me. I really do not understand the people who tell me they throw away (or really just let rot) berries and apples and other yummy fruit, because there’s too much to eat. Freeze! Make apple sauce. Do something!

So. Kudos to you. 🙂

Amy @ The Happy Scraps

You are so cute! Love this post! Gosh, I canned 11 quarts of peaches the other day, and helped my husband get his elk meat all put up, and that was about enough for me. I still have beets and carrots in the garden that I need to take care of, and I’m not pregnant. I hope you are able to get some rest before that baby gets here. 🙂

Sarah B
Sarah B

Ice!! Preggo’s dream come true. I have a non wasting gene too but I don’t garden. You will be so happy later but I’m just sorry for all the pain you’re in. Miserable!!

Bethany Wright Dearden

I’m so sorry you feel so terrible! I hope you can get some rest, hang in there 🙂

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