30 Ways to Create More Joy in Your Day

Check out these 30 Ways to Create More Joy in Your Day.

30 Ways to Create More Joy in Your Day.

1. Deliver fresh flowers (go out and pick a bouquet of lovely apple blossoms or dandelions)
2. Share a glass of lemonade with the mail carrier
3. Send your grandma a real letter, in the mail, with a stamp
4. Hold someone’s hand
5. Buy a treat/drink for the person behind you in line
6. Call to say I appreciate you
7. Listen with your heart
8. Look into your child’s eyes for an entire conversation
9. Read for the love of reading (I’m in love with this book, this one, and this book at the moment)
10. Say you’re sorry

30 Way to Create More Joy in Your Day

11. Set the table with a tablecloth and real dishes
12. Turn a favorite food into heart-shaped (toast, pancakes, biscuits, rolls)
13. Practice radical acceptance of your circumstances
14. Invite a friend over for afternoon snack (popcorn is always easy)
15. Jump on the trampoline with your kids
16. Leave a kind note on a stranger’s car
17. Walk one place you normally drive
18. Donate something that no longer brings you joy
19. Dance in the kitchen to your favorite song

30 Way to Create More Joy in Your Day

20. Lay in bed with each of your children for a 5 full minutes and let them tell you whatever they want before bed
21. Volunteer
22. Express gratitude to your spouse for something
23. Learn the name of a stranger
24. Speak kindly to yourself
25. Advocate for something you feel passionately about on your personal channels
26. Write in your journal
27. Take a hot bath
28. Speak intentionally
29. Read out loud to your family before bed (we are reading and LOVING this book)
30. Have a grateful heart


“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle, or you can live as if everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

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Love love love this post, just what I needed to read lately, thank you!!!


Thank you for sharing! I love looking on your site

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