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At the end of 2011 my husband and I bought a really beat up old house, moved our three tiny kids into one room, and started gutting the rest of the home right away. I washed dishes in a bucket while we remodeled and what was supposed to take a few weeks ended up taking months. Washing dishes in a bucket for nine months was no easy task. Don’t worry, I didn’t even have a bathtub to wash them in. We bathed our kids in an 18-gallon plastic storage bin. Did I mention that I started this blog in the middle of all that mess. I felt like I had a crazy story to tell and had to write it down to remember that it happened (and that I lived through it).

Bless this mess indeed!

We turned this:

Income Property and home remodeling

Into THIS (!!):

Income Property and home remodeling

Now that four years have gone by we look back at that adventure and laugh and cringe at just how crazy we were. It’s something we are so grateful we did and something we don’t plan on doing again (living IN your remodeling project is so hard, but it can be done!). You can see our entire project and all our befores and after pictures here.

Today’s post is kind of fun and different and it has me reminiscing about our labor of love.

Raise your hand if you have a home remodel show watching addiction. I LOVE home makeover shows! I blame my mom, she’s a lover too. So the DIY Network is now airing new episodes of “Income Property” and I’m so stoked. I’m so excited in fact that I took a whole day off of cooking to help them spread the word about the show. I knew you’d be as excited as I am so I’m really just doing both of us a favor.

Here’s what the show is about:

Income Property features demolition, lots of design tips, and the ultimate pay off to home owners updating an area of their home to rent out as an income driving space.

Licensed contractor Scott McGillivray works with homeowners who are transforming part of their home into a space that can be rented out as an income property. For many of these homeowners, the income from their rental properties help cover their own mortgage, so they are working hard to live mortgage free.

Scott presents the homeowners with two different renovation options, and through an in-depth demo and makeover process they turn an unused or undesirable space in their home into a beautifully designed space that will bring in top dollar from renters.

The aha moment is at the end of each episode when the homeowners realize that their mortgage is covered, and that they can now live rent free because of their new rental property. It’s hard work and includes lots of demolition, but in the end it pays off with a beautiful space that brings in money.

How fun is that! Not only are we going to get our remodeling fix watching the show, but we’ll get ideas on how to make enough money to get out of debt. Sign. Me. Up.

Income properties are such a smart passive income! My father-in-law has a few and we’ve seen them work for him. Thomas and I were on-site apartment managers for a large complex while Thomas finished his graduate work (the apartments was an income property for a fabulous couple), and our best friends (who just spent the weekend with us) have two income properties. Just by watching the people around us, this is something we know we want to do.

Though we didn’t turn our remodel into an income property we love this spin on the show. With the money we made on our remodel we finished paying off The Shanty and it now has a renter in a tiny home in it. This is such a great option for us as we put a lot of our resources into opening and establishing our hardware store. We’ve had just a taste of the possibilities of an income property. As we’ve been planning and designing our future farmhouse we have come back to the idea of making part of it a rental.

This view sure doesn’t hurt the rental possibilities.

Income Property and home remodeling

In addition to making our basement an apartment of sorts, we plan on making the barn loft into a rental. We’re planning on having two bedrooms, a small kitchen, and one bathroom with outside stairs for access to it. We plan on going more of the vacation rental route. We live in the middle of three amazing national parks and tourism is a major life blood of our tiny town. Millions of people drive by every year, we might as well have some of them stopping in for a few nights. The other perk of going the vacation rental route is that we can schedule in family and friends who want to come visit us and the area. Or if we were planning our own vacation, had a baby on the way, or other calendar worthy events were on the horizon we could choose not to worry about renters when we didn’t want to.

Honestly I’m so so excited to have a vacation rental on our farm. I think it would be fun to have guests pay to have meals with us, marketing that we grew the vegetables and meat right on site. I can’t wait to have retreats or workshops and invite long-distance internet friends to come and stay. I have so much love for this area and for our little hobby farm that I just want people to come and see it themselves. You are cordially invited to come and enjoy dinner at my table when it’s ready. I’ll have a bed all ready for you (really, I’m already collecting vintage quilts on eBay for the beds!).

On a side note, how do we get Scott McGillivray to come and fix up The Shanty?! This house was built in 1898 and would make the coolest income property. We should totally be ON the show, not just watching it! Can I get an amen on that. Scott, if you read this, let’s talk.

Who wouldn’t want to live in this beauty? Sure it needs a little work…

Income Property and home remodeling

While I’m busy planning and dreaming my income property dreams I definitely have plans to catch DIY Network’s Income Property for ideas, tips, and tricks to help us make the most of our future income property plans. I can’t wait! It’s going to be on Thursdays at 10/9c on

Thank you so much for enjoying posts that are sponsored by companies and products that I really use and love. I’m very selective about who I work with and really thought you’d enjoy what I had to say today. Thank you for being here. You all are the best.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The opinions and text are all mine.

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