Confessions: Long Over Due

I have a list of confessions that are long over due, but hey, there’s no better time than the present right?! So here it goes..

1. There is no polar vortex in Southern Utah. There. I said it. Everyone in the rest of the country is suffering with unbelievable cold and my kids played outside yesterday with no shoes or jackets on. It was almost 70 degrees. While you all are hunkered down with your hot cocoa and Snuggies, I’m over here saying, “pass the sunscreen please”. I feel like if I admit to our perfect weather that it will suddenly disappear, so I’ve been trying to just enjoy it without jinxing it. Now, I know it can still snow, but it’s not and I like it. Sure we’ll be in near drought conditions this summer and I’ll be cursing the lack of snow then, but for now I we are loving our strange warm weather.

2. Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorite holidays. It’s a chance to make a fun dinner, make treats, give small gifts, and most of all express our love because we are “supposed to”. In my mind it’s like a low-key, less stressful, just as fun Christmas in February. I decorate, we make a family mailbox to send each other love notes, and my kids literally count down the days. And we even had a candle-lit dinner for 6 this year. The babies felt so very fancy and it took very little effort on my part. It’s things like this that I hope they remember always.

3. I chopped off 11 inches of my hair! Just in time of the great post-baby shed. 3.5 years of work all gone in about 3.5 seconds.

4. I’ve had 3 little boys in 4 years and sometimes they make me tired. It did snow a few weeks ago and so the playing outside came to a screeching halt. We turned to wrestling, ninja-ing, and trying to kill each other with Nerf swords (thanks a lot for that Christmas present Grandma…). So when I can’t handle the screaming, Hi-YA-ing, or sword play anymore I throw the little men in the tub. Daytime baths for fun are the best trick ever.
little boys

5. I made all 6 of these recipes on one day weeks ago and just slowly posted them. Is that cheating? I’m still trying to do my health challenge, and so it was easier to just bake, enjoy, photograph, and snack for a day and then give the rest away to neighbors that night. Sure my neighbors got Valentine treats in January, but I didn’t hear too many complaints.
vday cookies

6. Sometimes people make comments about how having a newborn is hard and I can’t help but think, “False. Having 3 other young children is hard. The newborn is the easy one!” Who’s with me on that? The baby just sleeps and eats; everyone else makes the messes! And did you see Paul’s birth story? I sure hope you had a minute to read it.
baby Paul

6. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m good at taking pictures of my kids. I’m not. But I love to try. This picture from last week is of Henry waiting so patiently for some little birds to come and eat out of his hands (you know, like in Beauty and the Beast). He was pretty heart-broken when they didn’t come. He’s a kind soul and I think you can see that in this picture.

7. I’m still obsessed with my hutch and can’t wait to find another treasure to paint. The two paintings on there now are done my grandpa! Isn’t he amazing. I’m so pleased that he’s willing to share his talent with me.

8. I’m having a hard time sharing. My uncle mailed me 4 pints of Indiana black raspberry jelly and 2 of Indiana strawberry jam. They are amazing. Black raspberries grow wild in Indiana and I have vivid memories of picking gallons and gallons with my dad and grandpa. This is what my childhood tastes like. I know I should share but I feel a little gollum-esque when I open a jar. My precious!
black raspberry jam

9. I went to a blogging conference last weekend and I called my husband one night crying and saying, “I’m a fake! What am I doing here?! I’m not a real blogger!” I put so much time and effort into blogging and sometimes it just feels like I’ll never be enough. I’m not big enough, I’m not fancy enough, I don’t make enough money to support my cast iron addiction, let alone a family. One of the speakers the next morning quoted this talk. In it, Elder Ballard says that a honey bee, over the course of its life will make 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey to contribute to the hive. The number is so small but that honey bee matters. It was just what I needed to hear. I may never be a big and fancy blogger, but my efforts (no matter how small) still matter. I blog to make a positive impact in the world. If I can help someone eat a little healthier, find a fun activity to do with their babies, or try their hand a chicken keeping then I have succeeded. If I do nothing more than make YOU smile because of that picture of my sweet little boy(s) above then I have made a difference. I blog because I love it and I want to help. I write because you are here to read it. Thank you for being here. I hope that I say that enough and I hope that you know that I mean it. Thank you.

JSIMBeehive2 Beehive Image Source


Do you have any confessions to share?!


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I love all of these, Melissa! I would love to come sit at your kitchen table and help with preschool co-op and listen to all your wisdom about life and get your recipes. So, with this blog, I pretty much can! Thanks for sharing!


I have a few things to say:
1. Do you freeze your bananas with or without the peel?
2. I LOVE your candlelight Valentine’s Day dinner with your kids. Those are the kinds of things I would love to do with my kids someday.
3. Whenever you talk about your childhood, I feel cheated. I have always thought we had the same one. But…I don’t remember black raspberry jam, or picking raspberries, or CERTAINLY not any kind of activity that included Grandpa? Where was I for all of this? I don’t get it and it makes me really sad. I do remember Grandma making black raspberry pie but that’s all. (P.S. My one yard-oriented goal in life is to have a raspberry bush because they’re amazingly delicious and ridiculously expensive). The way you talk about your childhood is the way I’d like to talk about mine, but I just don’t have those memories that you do. I think I really struggled with that when Grandpa died. Everyone was so sad about it, but I just didn’t really have a very strong emotional attachment to him because I have very few memories that involved him. In my mind, it was all Grandma.
4. I think you’re a very fancy blogger, and judging on all the comments you have on this post alone, the people who read your blog LOVE you, and you make a very positive contribution in their lives. I’d like to take a little bit of credit for helping you start out, but this has been all you from the get-go and I’m so impressed at how much you’ve accomplished.
5. I wish I was your neighbor.
6. Love you!

Susan Carroll
Susan Carroll

And you look beautiful with shorter hair, too. Drops of Awesome for donating your hair. Good person inside and out.


It’s funny when you get a bunch a people together who are trying to do the same thing (this case, blogging) it’s so easy to compare yourself. But you have to measure yourself against you. We can’t beat ourselves up for not reaching another person’s goals. If you’re happy with what you’re doing then let yourself be happy. Thank you for sharing this little piece of blog heaven with all the world.


Best.Post.Ever. Love confession time. You are amazing. Keep on keepin’ on. You are the real deal girl. My confession: I HATE showering…so overrated!


I’m sure you still look beautiful with your shorter hair. Your kids are beautiful! Today is just one of those days we all have once in awhile. Keep your chin up and keep smiling.


Love the fun that you put into Valentines Day! I bet your kids are going to remember these days for years to come. 😀

Susan Carroll
Susan Carroll

AuntSue Have Henry spread birdseed in the same spot until the birds are coming there every day for food. Then have him sit very still next to the food. When they are used to him sitting and will come for food, have him hold out his hand full of food. Best wishes to the bird lover. And thanks for your blog. I love your blog title. One day I will write my cookbook – Make a Mess Cookery. You learn a few things raising six little ones that grow into big ones.

Susan Carroll
Susan Carroll

AuntSue I love your blog, it was one of the first I followed. With boys, you are working very hard from son up to son down! Thank you for sharing your real life.

Terry K
Terry K

Melissa, I have been reading your blog for about a year. You were the one that first introduced me to the idea of backyard chickens. I haven’t got them yet (my husband still has his heels dug in – but he’ll come around) but soon. Don’t ever think that what you have to say is not important. I am 57 years old, have to grown babies and two just starting out and I am learning from you. Keep up the good work!


The weather here (norther AZ) has been wonderful. We will probably pay for it this fire season, but wow, the lack of snow has been WONDERFUL. My babies were so, so hard until they were about 1 (but have been easy since), so I am one of those people who do think newborns are hard. I have often said, though, that if one tough year was it, I’ll take it. 🙂


Dear Melissa, i read your every single post and i enjoy it so much! Thank you for sharing the recipes(which i try), for all those ideas to have fun with the children, and for your open heart!

Natascha (

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