1. I drove 25 minutes to the dentist this week only to sit in the office for ten minutes before I was told I was a day off. Then I got to drive home another 25 minutes without ever accomplishing the things I set out to do. Plus, it was the dentist! I was all mentally prepared to get my cavity filled and I was also taking my almost four-year-old for his very first cavity fixing too. It was a lot to gear up for. So I wasted an hour of my life, gas, and still had to go back the next day. I’m blaming this one on pregnancy brain.

the bench

2. I hope my kids get as excited to see me in the future as I get when it’s time to see my parents. My little sister is graduation from BYU this weekend and we are going up to celebrate. My parents are flying out from Kentucky and I’m ridiculously anxious to see them. I’m trying to plot ways we can leave early so that I can stretch out our visiting time by a few hours. The fact that we live thousands of miles from them sure makes meeting that much sweeter, but I like to think I’d still look forward to seeing my mom even if it were just for lunch on a casual weekday. All you folks who have your momma around, enjoy that, you are lucky.

3. I’m still really struggling emotionally. The more I talk about it and admit that life isn’t all peaches and cream though, the more I realize that feeling off is actually pretty normal. I just wanted you to know that if that’s true, I’m very “normal”. We are all struggling with something. My poor husband. At least he knows that tears aren’t normally life and death (he doesn’t freak out when I cry, which happens way too much). He’s patient and kind but has also learned to take most of what I say with a grain of salt and a smile. I am an achy blubbering mess more evenings than not and I still have months to go. Wish me luck. It’s always worth it in the end.

baby bump 25 weeks

4. I have no idea what I want to name this baby. With the other boys I had their names picked out by now but I’m drawing a blank on this one. The few I’ve liked, Thomas hasn’t. The strongest contender right now is Graham (my paternal Grandmother’s maiden name), but I’m not sure if that is too strong of a name or not. He’s bound to be called Graham cracker, but is that really so bad? The jury is out.


5. I got a letter for kindergarten registration last week and I cried and cried all evening over it. I know that part of it is hormones but I cried and cried when it was time for my oldest to go too. I was told that sending your second kid to school was easier than the first but I’m having a hard time believing that will be the case. I just can’t imagine my day with Henry gone for so much of it. I sent one kid to school, isn’t that enough? 🙂 And while we are on the topic I’m so excited for school to be out! Call me crazy but I love my kids at home with me.

strawberry pie2

6. I made a fresh strawberry pie from Cook’s Country magazine (the folk from America’s Test Kitchen write this publication so I LOVE it!) and I felt very fancy. I’m not much of a pie maker but this one was really fun to make and it turned out just beautiful. I’m sharing the recipe on Friday so be excited!

7. I’m totally crushing on this book- The Encyclopedia of Country Living: The Original Manual of Living Off the Land & Doing It Yourself. My bestie told me about it and now I’m just looking for a reason to buy it. I hear it is a must-have. Do any of you own it?


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17 Responses
  1. 1. I love fresh strawberry pie.
    2. Graham isn’t too strong — it’s kinda cute, actually.
    3. You’re beautiful.
    4. Totally wish I could just sit down and visit with you.

  2. Denis

    Please take this as a comment from a guy who has NO experience with pregnancy, either by having been pregnant, (LOL), or by being with someone who is pregnant and I am nt a doctor or therapist or councilor. You are an emotional wreck. Okay. SO WHAT??? You are pregnant, and your hormones are going crazy! It is an amazing but very stressful time for you, and the hormones kicking in just makes things that much tougher. If you cry, then cry! Don’t apologize for it, and don’t feel like you should be stronger! YOU ARE strong! You had 3 babies already, and I can never compare that to my whining when I get a paper cut! On top of having a family, having another little one on the way, you put out a fantastic blog, amazing recipes, taking care of the house and animals as you do, an all the other things you do on a daily basis. You are a beautiful woman. YOU are a BEAUTIFUL woman. Yes, I said it twice so that you see it. You not only have to see it but you must believe it as well! As long as your emotions do not cause you to think bad things, or do bad things, realize that your emotions are YOURS. Accept them for what they are, a badge of courage to help you release some of the stress you are having about anything and everything around you. If your emotions are too much, see your doctor. Your husband, (who is a very lucky man IMHO), knows that there are times when he will need to be very supportive, and if he is the man I think he is, he will not take the emotional issues to heart, and hold you gently in his arms and tell you he loves you. So, get some rest, and take some time for you. You need to relax a bit, and remember, we your readers do not expect the blog to come out within 2 hours of your birth. Three hours is fine. JUST KIDDING!!!! Take as much time as you need. We will still be here, ready to support you. With as much brotherly love as I can send to you. Virtual hugs!

  3. –I can’t wait for the strawberry pie, it looks delicious!
    –Graham is really cute, I like it.
    –my second is starting kindergarten this fall too, I’m super sad about it! He is really excited, but he is so cute and little and shy.
    –you look great! and I love this here blog of yours

  4. marseille

    Love the confessions posts! Michael has a boy named graham in his class, so I don’t think its too out there. I LOVED looking at our family tree to choose names for the twins. I didn’t realize we had so many Josephs on Rob’s side. And abt kindy, it was easier for me to send Michael to school, but I did NOT want him in all day. One of my friends said it would be a nice break from my hardest child to parent, but I felt like he still needed me, even if it was hard. I am very much ready for all day first grade for him though. PS, when you are done building your dream house I want to come visit & let my kids experience farm life!

  5. OH! Those messed up appointments are the worst! Seriously. I remember bawling about it, because I went through so much to line up childcare for the other kids, etc. Thinking of you. I have pretty intense PPD, and it started during pregnancy with one of them. Be sure to be really honest with your healthcare providers so you can get the help you need.

    I love your blog and thanks for sharing.

  6. Denis

    I went on a messed up appointment.

    Got a call on my phone letting me know that I had an appointment coming up, so I got the time date and location. Showed up on time, gave my name to the MOA, and sat down. Shortly thereafter, I heard the name of the person who USED to have my phone number being called. I had gotten MANY calls for him because of unpaid bills and was used to collection agencies calling.

    They called his name again, and no one got up so I decided to check it out. Sure enough, they had NO appointment for ME, but they had an appointment for HIM. When they had called my number they identified themselves and said they had an appointment due for me, but never actually said MY name OR his. So I thought it was an appointment for ME! I let them know that they had wasted THEIR time AND mine, by neglecting to confirm who they were actually talking to, when they called with the appointment.

    So I think showing up for someone else’s appointment is worse than showing up on the wrong day! Showing up on the wrong day does suck, but you can always blame it on the new glasses or the kids or the pregnancy.

  7. Nola Cockerham

    I love how so many parents are returning to names from ages past for their new babies. Recent names I’ve heard . . . Walter, Preston, Carson, Marshall.

  8. Hi Melissa
    Thank you so much for all you do to every one. No need to apologize , those who do not understand are not experiencing life You are beautiful inside and out. I wish ,I lived near by to lean on me. I am a grandma who miss family time. Enjoy life to its fullest because mine passed me by . I have a 4yrs old and a six months old grandchildren. when my daughter was 20 weeks pregnant and found out that the baby will be born with special need we did our crying and decided to do our best and move on , now he is six months and beautiful, he will require more surgery but that is what it is. Keep up the good work and take care .

  9. Michelle

    1. I love the name Graham and I love graham crackers, so I think it’s a win-win!
    2. A loving warning about your emotions– you will want to keep close tabs on your emotions after the baby comes, because ante-natal depression frequently turns into post-partum depression. Been there, and so I don’t want you to have to go there! Just keep your doctor updated and ask Thomas to be honest with you on how he thinks you are doing.
    3. I was sick to my stomach about Nan going to kindergarten! But it turned out well and she learned many things (non-academic) that she could only learn at school. Okay, well I might have been able to teach them to her, but kindergarten was really, really helpful for her. That being said, I am like you and I like having all my little chickies home! I love summer with them, I love weekends and holidays and I don’t like it when school takes them away from me! I totally understand because I love having my kids home too.
    4. Hang in there! You are great and you are doing great things.

    1. Denis

      I like numbers 2 and 4. About number 2, Maybe spend 5 minutes a day writing a quick blurb on your feelings for the day, what went well, or not well, and any issues that might have come up. Bring that to your doctor, (or a summary), so that they know what is going on with you. Maybe just before bed, bring a notepad and pen to bed, and write it down. In the morning you can dump that to the computer and edit as needed. It has been a couple of weeks since the original post, so be sure to let us know how this is progressing.
      We care! Brotherly hugs again!

  10. Loved catching up with you the other day and am thinking of you all the time! Please, please, PLEASE name this child Graham! I LOVE IT! In fact, I knew it was a family name of yours and I was hoping just a few weeks ago actually that you would be considering it. Or there’s always Elvis. And thanks a lot for that Strawberry Pie–NOT! It’s all I can think about now. Must. Have. It. Also, I think I’ll make Orange Chicken tonight. So thanks for that too. And mostly, thanks for being the best ever. I can see on here that even people who don’t know you personally count you as a friend. I’m just one of the lucky ones to know you personally, but you are a blessing in so many, many lives! Keep it up, girl!

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