Are you ready for another round of confessions from me?!

I just love these post. I think they are a fun way to show you some of the behind-the-scenes real life that gets left out of the recipes. Enjoy!

1. I’m in denial that I have a child old enough to be loosing her first tooth. How did this happen and who let her grow up?! Her tooth has been loose for a while and then it got really lose last night. She asked her dad to pull it out this afternoon. I love this picture! The fear and trust in her eyes while Engineer Dad attempts a door slam tooth removal (she got the idea from friends and thought it was the best option for her). Thomas is smart though… while he was in there tying on the string he just pulled her the tooth out while she wasn’t expecting it. It was over before she knew it began.
First tooth

Excited about the Tooth Fairy but not so sure about this whole tooth falling out thing:
first tooth 2

2. I let my kids play in the mud. A lot. Mud cakes turned into “mud monsters” which involved them smearing all exposed skin with mud. Afternoon baths were taken and I didn’t even clean the tub when they were done. It all washed off in my shower the next morning 🙂
henry dirty

3. Sometimes “rats” sneak bites of my cheese. It always seems that when I turn my back or dive into the fridge to get something out, then rats attack my block of cheese while my attention is away. I ask the kids sitting at the bar if they saw the rat who did it and they never do. Weird?! I tell them one day I’ll catch those rats and turn them into stew; the kids just laugh.
cheese bitten by rats

4. The hens have become our picnic invaders. Some people have cats or dogs who might try to steal their picnic food, but we have backyard chickens. We had a picnic lunch this week and I was surprised at how much the ladies pursued our sandwiches. I had to sit right next to that baby so that they didn’t come up and steal right off his plate. Yesterday afternoon the kids and Thomas were eating a treat on the lawn and the hens came right up for a taste. Can you see that one is eating right out of May’s hand?! So funny!
feeding chickens

5. I’m super stressed out. We decided we’d move this week. THIS WEEK! I knew we were going to move but this is a few weeks faster than we planned (it’s just working out better to go ahead and get’er done). But I’m in full freak-out mode. Not only have we all been sick, but I don’t have packing boxes, and haven’t even gotten a chance to say goodbye to friends here. Isn’t it funny how you want things to happen and then when they are finally happening you freak out a bit? Surely I’m not alone on this.

Wish me luck this week and just pray that no one gets sick. We’ve been miserable with two rounds of a stomach flu, some kind of herpes virus (the kind that you get cold sores with) in the baby, and then hand, foot, and mouth (super awful) last week. It’s been a long month that makes me grateful I have a washer and dryer in my house.

There you have it. Confessions of a food blogger/mom/crazy lady.

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Michelle L

It does sound totally crazy! March was a sick month for us too–the regular flu, some kind of slow-moving stomach bug and then as soon as everyone got better, we all got terrible colds! Good luck with moving…you’ll make it, just hang in there!


Have you up graded your camera? You photos of your kids are gorgeous. I wish I took better pictures of my kids! Good look with the move. Just breath… and eat some cookies.


Good Luck! Let me know if there is anything I can do from afar. You can come drop your kids off for a day or something maybe.


Oh, wow! Whose idea was it to move this week? I think the sicknesses must have made you loose your mind! Seems things always have to happen all together just to make them memorable! I’m sure you will never forget this month!

Cami Struiksma

1 – Your pictures are getting better and better! You should totally do photography on the side 🙂
2 – Your kids are getting big!! I can’t believe it 🙂
3 – Good luck in the move! I miss Southern Utah terribly… say hi to Zion for me 🙂

Barbara Schieving

Sorry things have been so stressful. Good luck with the move!

LaVerne Hawkins

This is just the sweetest post. It reminds me of the controlled chaos we always had when our kids were young at at home. I sure miss that! Enjoy your time with your kids, and thanks for sharing!

Crystal Shoaf

Crazy seems to happen just as change is sliding in… Is there some conection? You bet. Just remember the rainbow never shows until after the storm. You must be in for a great rainbow.

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