Sometimes a few confessions just need to be shared…

1. I’m sharing some super-duper tasty and easy mint brownies on Lil Luna today. Oh man these are simple and fudgy and perfect. There’s a little cheating involved so you might need to take a peak if you have guests coming this weekend!
Easy mint brownies with words

2. We had the first house showing this weekend and we worked like madmen getting ready. I worked all Friday afternoon and night (until about 10:30 when I dropped dead) and then again all Saturday morning. I figured between Thomas and I we spent about 24 hours cleaning/fixing/prepping for the event. I cleaned out the barn and the garage (which were huge daunting tasks that just had to be done), filled dirt in around the new window wells, cleaned up the chicken area, de-cluttered and packed, and then cleaned every surface in the whole house. Thomas worked on cleaning out the pit of a utility space we have in the basement, trim, cleaning up his tool closest, taking down our big bed, cleaning his desk, and a million other things. When it was all said and done it was gorgeous. I know I’m bias but man, it did look good and so ready to be seen. It was a noon showing so we left and about 15 minutes later we got a text that said it looked nice and they’s “let us know”. Really!? That’s it?! It was so anticlimactic. The next showing will be tons less work though because we got so many things taken care of this round. I think we were hoping for a bit more praise 🙂

3. Remember these tasty recipe for whole wheat pitas and hot cross buns?! We’ll there’s a chance to win the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking book on each post. The giveaway is still open and the entries are surprisingly low. If you haven’t entered yet, by all means, please do!
1PicMonkey Collage

4. I joined Instagram! I want to make it post the pictures to Facebook but I haven’t figure that out yet. It’s pretty fun and I’ve been liking it. Feel free to follow along if you like for more behind the scenes fun.

5. Easter is HERE! How did this happen?! It has completely snuck up on me this year. Good thing I got my bunnies out when I did because nothing has happened to prepare since then. (You can get your bunnies from this cute Etsy shop.)
Spring Paper Rabbits

I think that’s a wrap. Do you have any confessions to share?!

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I came over here from Lil Luna with the brownies…just to tell you that I’m giving them some PIN action! They look absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing! Also, funny you mention Instagram, bcz I’m actually getting ready to (re)set mine up. I did it couple years ago and didn’t really get into it…but now I’m ready! I’ll be following yours! (=


Oh man, those look so good! You are amazing at food photography. And wow,- the house looks AMAZING!! So impressed 🙂


I LOVE these posts! I feel like I catch a little more of your life, and I miss you! And your home looks AMAZING! Good Job!!!

Crystal Shoaf

All house showings are anticlimactic. The excitement doesn’t come until you get the unexpected call that says they will take it. I hope that call comes soon for you!

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