1. I shared a recipe for ham, pepper, and cheese quesadillas over at Burlap+Blue on Tuesday and didn’t even mention it to you. Sometimes it just takes a little twist on a classic to make it new and fresh. These got me out of my lunch rut and I know you’ll like them too. Plus Linda has a super cute blog that is worth taking a minute to look around.
ham and cheese quesadillas, easy ham and cheese recipe, ham and cheese recipes

2. Not all cakes turn out well…

3. Sometimes my husband scares me to death. Like that time he cut a wire he thought was turned off but was actually still hot. I do not want to be a widow with three children at the age of 28, or any age for that matter.
remodeling gone wrong copy

4. I dislike whole grain lasagna noodles with my whole heart and will probably never buy them again, healthier or not. Is it just me or do yours fall apart when boiled too? Those ruffly edges are what makes them lasagna isn’t it? Lasagna noodles without ruffles are just meh. And who wants meh noodles?

5. I went back on my vow to never shower while the kids were awake and I regret that (the last time I did they dumped a whole canister of oats and ice-skated all over the kitchen in the mess, it was pretty cute, but still). I recommitted to my vow yesterday…
mess of the month cereal

Do you have any confessions today?

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Okay 1 that quesadilla looks delicious! My favorite combo is bacon with onion (which we had for dinner last night) but I’ll have to try ham and pepper next. And 2 I cannot believe your kids dumped all that stuff out. That is such a huge mess on your floor – crazy!

Monica McCue

These are hilarious! You are adorable! I love your blog!


I hate when noodles fall apart. My confession, I’m never ever showered before 10. Or 11.;) Oh, and I love your confessions


My whole wheat lasagna noodles do that too, so that’s why I stopped boiling them! I just add an extra 1/2 cup or so of sauce to the lasagna, cook it about 10-15 minutes longer and the noodles soften up just dandy. 🙂


Yes my whole wheat lasagna noodles do that…I think you can make it without pre-boiling all the way? Maybe just boil enough to make them pliable…I’ve never tried this but my momma did and she said it turned out great….

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