Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Is it too early to post about gift wrapping? Part of me says yes, and the other part of me wants to give you the heads-up on great ideas so that you can be thinking of what you like and then collecting the things you’ll need. Sometimes I like a little time to ruminate on ideas before I need to put them into action. You too?

The same day that I taught a class on four of my favorite cheese balls and how to make them to the ladies at church, I also taught a little class on Christmas gift wrapping ideas and bow making. This was great motivation for me to get my Christmas shopping done; there was no way I was wrapping empty boxes.

I had a lot of fun brainstorming and thinking of fun ways to wrap, and I thought you might enjoy some of the results too.

nice gift wrap, Christmas present wrapping ideas

Here’s the table I set up to show the ladies some ideas:

I like using things that I already have at home to decorate and wrap presents. Ric-Rac and cotton yarn are fun alternatives to ribbon. I just snatch them back up on Christmas morning to save for future crafting or gifts. Psst. Did you know that you can that buy plain brown paper at the Dollar Store near the mailing envelopes? I love it.

how to wrap gifts, gifts with ric-rac, gift ideas with string

Taking cues from the paper or box is a great way to have a gift look really put together. Repeating the theme, shapes, or lines is pleasing to the eye and just plain fun. I tied a piece of jute around the box and then used a clothes pin to hold on two paper shapes. The “to: and from:” are written on the paper.

gift wrap with stars and clothes pins, ribbon gift wrapping ideas, easy gift wrap ideas
I used a needle to string holiday colored pompoms onto thread.
gift wrap with pompoms and string

Again, repeating the theme that the paper already gave me worked great here. My kids kept asking what presents were theirs, and since none of them can read yet I felt like I was telling them over and over again. I decided to use a photo as a gift tag so that even the non-readers can know which gifts belong to who.

gift wrap with pictures, picture for gift tag, picture of birthday boy

Yarn with little metallic flecks in it was really pretty when wrapped multiple times. I used this tutorial on how to make pompoms and just tied them to the yarn. You’ll need scissors around to open this guy, but doesn’t it look great?

gift wrapping with yarn, how to make yarn pompoms, yarn for presents

Tissue paper with confetti behind it over a white box: simple and fun. This is extra great because when you shake it the confetti moves around. I spread out my piece of tissue paper on the table, sprinkled Christmas confetti on the paper and then places the white box top down on the confetti and then wrapped it as usual.

tuxedo bow, tuxedo bow on gift wrap

I just did a simple basket weave with three pieces of ribbon over a white box. To make it super easy I cut the ribbons to the length needed, taped one end of each ribbon to the back of the box, did the little over/under/over dance, and then taped the other end to the back of the box. It was much easier than it looks, so just try it!

This was one of my favorites, and easy too! When we went to visit my mom in Kentucky this summer I picked up some animal flashcards in the dollar section of Target. The cards were out the other day and I thought that they would make the best gift tags! I picked a few of the “wintery” animals out for my Christmas package of plain tissue paper and just tied it on with some jute. This is perfect for any child but definitely feels more boyish to me. The cute animal is front and center and you can flip the card over to learn a little more. I won’t be using this just for Christmas either; these are perfect for birthday presents too.
target store, gift wrap with animals, flash cards for gift tag, animal tags for present

I also showed the ladies how to make some simple bows. I just learned from some tutorials online and shared the idea. Here are some of the links that I really liked:
Mulitple poofy bows using ribbon from The Container Store
Adorable paper bows with free printable pattern from ellinee
Use cupcake wrappers to make a gift bow from Family Chic

Speaking of gifts, Heidi and Nathan won my favorite things giveaway. They said:

Best gift ever would have to be the American girl doll I got when I was 10. I prayed for months that Santa would bring her. She was a little girls dream come true.

Thank you everyone who entered. It was a lot of fun for me to read all of the fun things that you guys have given and received. Sewing machines, dogs, a year’s worth of dates, Wicked tickets, and thoughtful jewelry made the list. There were also some very personal gifts on the list: finishing chemo on Christmas eve, a gift from a thoughtful Elementary teacher after her mom died, handmade blankets and calendars, and a picture of loved ones past. It’s been a wonderful gift to me to enjoy these memories with you all week. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being here.

I had so much fun with this I think I’ll try to do them monthly!

Merry gift giving and wrapping,
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is this something you already did, or just when they asked you…i guess i’m kinda boring. These presents look awesome!

Love this post! Thank you!! I’m miraculously ahead of schedule & already ready to wrap presents (instead of on Christmas Eve like I usually end up doing). These ideas came at the perfect time! 🙂

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