Chemical Free Sunscreen

Chemical Free Sunscreen from a Honest Company. It has my stamp of approval.sunscreen 3

Chemical Free Sunscreen

A few weeks ago I was selected to work on a blogging campaign with The Honest Company. I’ll be honest, I was super excited when the opportunity presented itself and snatched up the chance to tell you all about it while I had it.

I bet you all didn’t know that not only do we try to eat clean 80% of the time, but I’ve also been working really hard at cleaning up our household products for the last almost three years. I blogged about reading Slow Death By Rubber Ducky ages ago and that book is still changing the way that I think today. I haven’t converted our whole life to only natural everyday products; however, slowly but surely I’m making the switch. I have a good handle on our shampoo, laundry, and general cleaning, but for things like sunscreen and bug spray I’ve struggled with finding chemical-free versions.

Cue The Honest Company. As part of the campaign I was asked to switch something in my bathroom out, and I asked for permission to have that include sunscreen, bug spray, and hand wash… all things I’ve been needing to get green versions of but haven’t yet. They were more than willing to let me do that and I’m so glad!

Let me introduce you to The Honest Company really fast. The more I read, the more pleased I was, even before trying out the goods.

The first bullet of their company vision reads:

  • Reduce the ubiquitous presence of toxic chemicals in our natural environment (air, soil, oceans, etc), man-made environments (homes, schools, offices) and our personal environments (industrial pollution inside our own bodies)

I loved that. A little education on this topic goes a long (long!) way. If this isn’t something you know or care about yet, I suggest you head to the library and pick up a few books. All the weird chemicals in the environment are doing a ton of damage to the earth, of course, but what you might not realize is that they are in your body doing all sorts of things you’d be amazed to find out about. Seriously interesting reading if you ask me.

Did you know that Teflon kills chickens (via Teflon coated light bulbs) and that commercial sunscreen has crazy nano-particles that are absorbed through your skin into your blood stream. I know right?! You’d think someone would tell you about all this stuff before you buy the product, but that isn’t happening so the education part is up to you and me. I like my kids, my chickens, and myself, and I think we are all worth taking a little extra care of.

On top of making sure their products are BPA, chemical, dye, fragrance, and a-bunch-of-other-stuff free, The Honest Company is amazing at creating their natural products using sustainable methods and giving back to communities in very large ways; the more I read on their website, the more impressed I was. They are walking the walk, not just selling the talk. I like that.

I got out the sunscreen today for its test run and here were the results:

With two red-headed grandpas to call their own, my kids NEED sunscreen!
sunscreen collage

I was a little worried that it would smell bad, be too thick or thin, or not rub in like traditional sunscreen, but everything was just what you expect from a sunscreen. And best of all, it worked great! The only draw-back is the price. It is a bit more expensive than your Wal-Mart  bottles of sunscreen. At $13.95 for 3 ounces you are paying for the lack of chemicals. We all spend money on different things and you’ll find you spend money on what is important to you. It comes down to priorities in my mind and this is something that I care about, so the money is worth it to me.

See, it’s really “normal” in look and feel.
sunscreen face

And who needs a pool when you have a wagon?! #poormansswimminghole 🙂  This sunscreen is even approved for babies under the age of 6 months too. So it’s good for everyone in the family.
sunscreen 2

I keep sunscreen in the car and in my purse, because I use it all of the time. The size of the bottle is just right for carrying around. Overall I’ll tell you that it’s a great chemical free sunscreen from an inspiring company. It has my stamp of approval.

And now for some details:

The Honest Company has some fun sign-up options. The first is an email sign-up which will get you product info (and I hope a coupon/deal or two) sent to your email. And then there are two free trials they offer – a diaper trial which sends you some diapers and wipes and/or a cleaning trial that sends you travel-sized bottles of shampoo, hand soap, lotion, cleaner and a few other things. Of course read the fine print on those when you are signing up, but I read through it and it seems like a fun little deal!

Here are few ways you can connect with The Honest Company: their website, Twitter @honest, Facebook, or their blog. The Honest Company is offering a pretty great deal right now too. Get $10 off a $40 purchase at The Honest Company using code 10off40Pollinate. (Limited to first-time customers and one use per customer. Expires May 8, 2013.) If you break it down, that’s 25% off – which is a good discount.

There you have it! A company and product I was excited to try and now am excited to pass on to you. If you are interested in a little more education on why products like this are so important then just shoot me an email and I’d be more than willing to share some of the books I’ve read. Understanding the “why” is a great motivator for change within myself, and it’s something I get excited to share.

Thanks so much for reading!

Disclosure: This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and The Honest Company  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #NaturallyHonest

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Can this be used on pets? Dogs get melanoma as well, we need to put sunscreen on our pets too..lost my Zena to melanoma three weeks ago. My first visit to your website making zucchini muffins, there is a lot of good information I will be utilizing for myself and grandkids! They love the muffins.


I think The Honest Company is owned by Jessica Alba, isn’t it? We’re definitely looking for a clean sunscreen for this summer and I’m so glad to hear this one works! I’ll be checking it out. 🙂


I’m so glad you liked them! I’ve been debating on trying them for months and now that summers coming I’ll have to order me some sunscreen. I’m excited to give them a try!

They sound like a wonderful company, can’t wait to try out some of their products!

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