Bubble Blowing Craft for Kids

The weather is glorious, so let’s get outside and play a little.

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A few weeks ago we had friends over and created some amazing blown bubble art. The concept is simple – use food coloring to dye a few bottles of store-bought bubbles different colors and then blow bubbles onto card stock. When the bubbles land and pop they leave behind a gorgeous colored bubble print! The kids loved blowing the bubbles and they were even more surprised when it created a masterpiece to take home.

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Blown Bubble Art

What you need:
Store bought bubbles (a jar per child is a good idea)
Liquid food dye
Card stock

Add 7-10 drops of food coloring to each bottle of bubbles and stir or gently shake to incorporate. Blow the colored bubbles onto card stock. If you’d like the color a little darker just add a bit more food coloring. Blow bubbles and create art to your hearts content and then let your art work dry before handling.

Clean up- I was nervous about food dye and toddlers! I’m pleased to say that the soapy nature of the bubbles makes cleaning up a breeze. One little girl actually dropped a whole jar of bubbles that landed on it’s end and sent colored bubbles flying all over her and her mom. They were COVERED in blue dye and bubbles! A quick trip to the sink and surprisingly it all came out of their clothes, they were just really wet.

Plan on doing this outside or laying down a sheet before you start, wash hands and spots off clothes when you are done, and enjoy!

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This is a perfect project for after school, preschool, or for when the cousins come over. You really can’t go wrong when mixing bubbles with a craft project. Plus with just a few items on the supply list, you don’t have to do any major prepping.

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