BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the baby decided he was done nursing at 10 months old, and I was torn in my feelings about the matter. I liked nursing and wanted to make it to a year but I also liked a little bit of freedom that comes with weaning.

Finding a bottle that he liked was more of a pain then I thought it should be. I had a few old odds-n-ends bottles and nibbles lying around but he acted like he couldn’t get enough out. Some of the bottles were quite old, like six or seven years old and I realized that they probably were produced using BPA.

BPA is something that I had heard about but was confused by for a while until I made the time to do some research on my own. I figured I’m not the only one who is using bottles right now, and who is also super busy. So let me take some of the research time out of this and tell you what PBA is why you should be avoiding, especially when it comes to baby bottles.

And speaking of great baby products, there’s a giveaway at the end of the post! Keep reading.

BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

What is BPA?
BPA is the main component of polycarbonate, the hard, clear plastic sometimes used to make water bottles, baby bottles, food storage containers and other common items like contact lenses, CDs and electronics devices. BPA is even used in places you wouldn’t normally think of, like the protective lining in tin cans. If you’ve noticed the little arrows stamped on plastic items with numbers inside, the number to look for here is 7. Although not all plastics labeled “7” contain BPA, it’s still a good identifier.

It can leach into food or drinks from the plastic containers holding them. Canada in September 2010 declared BPA a toxic substance, and has been banned in baby bottles in Europe and the US.

BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

BPA is Especially Harmful to Infants and Pregnant Women
Plastic chemicals are among the most potentially damaging toxins for a fetus. This includes BPA, which is an endocrine disruptor, meaning it mimics your body’s natural hormones and can trigger major changes in your body. Of 115 published animal studies, 81 percent found significant effects from even at very very low levels of exposure to BPA.

Infants and children have small bodies (so it takes less of a toxin to make a bigger impact), are growing at rapid rates, and are busy developing so many parts of their bodies. A chemical that is trying to mimic our hormones is just plain scary. BPA has been found to cause problems such as early onset of puberty, increased diabetes risk, hyperactivity, and certain cancers.

Some of the biggest concerns surrounding BPA are for pregnant women, exposure can lead to chromosomal errors in your developing fetus, causing spontaneous miscarriages and genetic damage. And exposure to just 0.23 parts per billion of BPA is enough to disrupt the effect of estrogen in your baby’s developing brain. That is such a small amount!

All in all, it’s nasty stuff that I think you’d be wise to steer clear of, especially when it comes to products that are storing food. Baby bottles, pacifiers, water bottles, Tupperware and other food storage containers, and canned foods are a few things to take the time to find BPA-free versions.

BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

I’ve partnered up with NUK to give you a really fun giveaway today.

When on the hunt for new bottles for the baby I tried these NUK Orthodontic bottles. They are designed to be similar to how breast-feeding works and I thought this would help our transition. I was so right. These bottles move air through well so my big baby can drink a lot without having to come off the bottle to let air back in. The hole for the milk isn’t just on the top/tip it’s on one side and the edge is curved. We love it.

I thought the packaged shows the unique nipple well so I took a picture to show you.
BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

The only thing I had to get used to was if the bottle gets left on its side on the floor it drips milk (proof it really does move the air inside the bottle well). After the first few times I cleaned up a little milk spot on the floor I got more diligent about putting the bottle in the fridge when he was done. The milk dripping has actually turned into a good thing because I’m more intentional in putting the bottle away and I keep track of it better. Less milk is wasted and less time is spent trying to find the lost bottle that got carried around.  I take the initiative to put it away since I know it will leak on my floor.

Here’s the fun gift set you can enter to win. No bottle fed baby in your life? No worries! I’m sure there will be a baby shower in your future and this would make an excellent gift!
BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

Here’s where you enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This gift set comes with 3 bottles, 2 pacifiers, and a well designed pacifier clip. And of course, they are all BPA free!

You can buy NUK Orthodontic bottles and pacifiers (and gift sets!) on Amazon (yay for Amazon Prime!) and at WalMart (I hear they are cheaper in the store than online).

I’ve never had a baby that takes a pacifier regularly but I always keep one in my purse. It’s makes a great oral “toy” for church and I love to stick one in the fridge to use when the baby is teething. A cold pacifier is very soothing to tender gums, even if your baby doesn’t normally take a pacifier. That’s one of my best teething baby tricks!

Isn’t he cute with the pacifier!
BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

One of the unexpected perks of having the baby take a bottle is the chance that he gets to interact with other family members at feeding time. His siblings were over the moon the first few days of bottle feeding and Macey still likes to sit and feed him often.

BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

I just loved being asked to take pictures of my family. I caught a few real gems the past few weeks.

BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

BPA, Bottles, and Babies: A few things you should know

Disclosure: NUK sent me this same gift set to try plus one other bottle and a set of pacifiers, is providing the prize and shipping for the giveaway, and has compensated my time for the product review. My thoughts, opinion, and the cute baby model are my own.

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Mackenzie Welker

I was only able to nurse my two kids for a very short time. Lactation specialists, pumping between feedings, herbal remedies, heating pads,… i tried all sorts of things and my milk just never came in. My kids were bottle fed most of their infant lives and it was difficult for me to calm down and be okay with that. They are healthy as can be and happy too… I am so thankful for modern technology in the bottle and formula world!


mine were bottled fed. hello this is for my new grand baby to be! 🙂


Melissa, I got your email and sent response…so EXCITED to have won!! thank you so much, feeling blessed! 🙂 yippee 😀

Amanda R.

Love the pattern. Trying to win for my soon to be nephew!

Amanda R.

The pattern is just too cute! I am trying to win for my soon to be nephew!

chelise larsen

I just had a baby. These would be awesome to win!


We used them with Hudson and are already stocking up for our little Tyson (due in Dec). I also really like nuks sippy cups. They are great first step transition.


Hi! I have a 10 month old boy! I switched to formula at 14 weeks after I went back to work. I really wish I would have stuck with bfing longer. I’m a ftm and I didn’t realize how quickly this first year would go. I plan on bfing a lot longer with the next children.


Your guys are so precious! We are trying to do more pumping and less nursing because I’m so exhausted, so this set would definitely get use in my house.


Ooh, I’m excited to try these. My babies never liked pacis either. With #5 we actually got her to take it for a month. I need to try your teething trick w/ them.


I always avoid BPA in both bottles, and the containers I use to store the baby food I make!


I love their pacifiers, but I’ve never tried their bottles…. let’s remedy that.

katie w

these pictures are adorable!

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