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For years I have wanted to open an Etsy shop and now it’s something I can check off that list!

This Christmas my awesome cousin, Kaber, and I are working together to sell some really fun and really gorgeous laser cut wood ornaments. Kaber runs the laser and I run the shop (photographing, managing, mailing, ect…). We talk all of the time about designs and ideas. The shop has been open for about a week and I’m so pleased to say that we’ve already made a handful of sales!

I thought I’d do a little advertising here so that you all can see what we have. I’ve picked six of my favorites to show you, but there are more in the shop. So pop over and take a look. Feel free to pin, share, and tell your friends too. We’d love all the help that we can get to spread the word.

Thanks a bunch, you all are so good to me!

Just use this link to visit our Etsy shop.

And here’s a sampling of what we have. Prices and details on each ornament can be found by visiting the link provided.

Of course I had to have some chickens. I love my hens and I know I’m not the only chicken keeper who adores their birds… this would be such a fun and unique gift for the backyard chicken keeper or budding hobby farmer in your life.
detailed chicken

And here’s a set of six different chickens:
chicken lovers

Our most popular ornament is this simple rustic nativity on a slice of cedar branch (it smells awesome).
natural nativity

A little stand mixer ornament for your favorite baker:
kitchen aid


This is an assorted dozen ornaments that are cut from Baltic birch. These are the perfect thing to decorate your tree or to have a little crafty fun with. Add a little paint or glitter to make them your own or hang them just as they are.
dozen one

You can view all of the ornaments we offer here. We can also do custom designs if you have something special in mind too. Just ask.

Thanks so much for letting me share this fun project with you!

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These are SO cool! I’m sharing:)

Susan Carroll

These are awesome. I bought some wooden snowflakes this year. I love wooden snowflakes and the nativity scenes.

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