A Birthday Surprise worth Falling out of Bed for!

My daughter turned 7 last week and I had a grand surprise up my sleeve.

I’ve been wanting to change around our sleeping setup for sometime to better accommodate the needs of our family. It’s time for Macey to get her own room and for the little boys to share the bunk bed. My thinking when it comes to things like this is, if I’m going to go through the effort, it might as well be a gift or party. I decided to make the affair a birthday surprise that won’t soon be forgotten. Unbeknownst to Macey, I’d been prepping things for months, just in time for her birthday. I’ve been collecting little things like new sheets, frames, and a huge chalk board from a garage sale to add to the room, my mom mailed the quilt that I had on my bed as a girl to use, I ordered a few new pieces of furniture online from Sauder, and I pinned all kinds of inspiration.

The night before her big day we put everyone to sleep as usual. When the kids fell asleep we brought Kimball upstairs to sleep in our room, took the crib out of his room and got to work turning that space into Macey’s new room. The boys will now share the bunk bed in her old room and she’ll be a free woman.

We brought in the furniture, I made her bed, we hung up the chalk board, and prepped as much of the space as we could. When it was all put together her dad carefully carried her to her new bed and laid her down in it. I was so excited for her to wake up in new room on her Birthday morning. SURPRISE! I had a hard time not setting up some kind of hidden camera to record her reaction.

The next morning she was up early and came into my room while we were still in bed. I was so excited to hear what she thought but she didn’t say anything. So I asked her how she slept. She said, “It was so weird. I woke up on Kimball’s floor and I had to get back in my own bed last night!” After asking a few more questions I figured out that she had rolled out of the new bed sometime in the night, woken up, and just climbed back into her old bed. She hadn’t realized the surprise yet! So I told her Happy Birthday, got right out of bed, grabbed my camera, and asked her to follow me. We went into Kimball’s old room and then the light bulb clicked on.

A Birthday Surprise worth Falling out of Bed for!

Isn’t that face magic! I loved the idea of her waking up in her new space but I’m also grateful I was about to see this look in her eyes. My kind and grateful girl.

And the little boys liked helping Dad assemble the furniture while May was out. Don’t they look so helpful?

A Birthday Surprise worth Falling out of Bed for!

The inspiration for turning this into a real surprise and birthday gift came in the form of an opportunity to work with Suader’s furniture. I decided to use the opportunity to benefit my family and I’m so glad that I did. Thank you for supporting me and the blog which leads to chances like this. I really have YOU to thank for this fun birthday surprise.

Having a deadline and a few pieces of furniture to work with really motivated me to get my buns in gear and make the switch,. You all know that I’m not a shopper, it’s just so far away and I have so many babies to take with me. On top of that, it’s hard to plan a surprise when you need to get furniture… that’s kind of hard to hide in the shopping cart.

This is where Sauder’s came in. I just picked out some things on their website that I thought would be sturdy, classic, storage-filled pieces and they showed up on my doorstep later in the week. That friends, is my kind of shopping. We own a few Sauder bookcases and have had good success with them, so I was excited to try a few other things out.

Here’s the new room that isn’t really done yet. I’m still waiting on photos and frames to come in the mail and I need to make curtains. I’ll have to show you the space again when it’s totally finished.

A Birthday Surprise worth Falling out of Bed for!

I loved this bookcase! It was so much bigger than I thought that it would be and it is just perfect for a little girls room. The cute little storage spaces on the bottom are just perfect to hold stuffed animals and dolls (plus doll clothes). Macey loves that she can see all of her treasures and I like that they are organized. I’m so happy with this piece. The colorful basket is just a $1 basket and some cloth (instructions here) and it holds more little treasures.

A Birthday Surprise worth Falling out of Bed for!

Sauder's Dresser with cute build in storage on the bottom! Perfect a little girls room.

My momma sent out the quilt that she made for me when I was a girl. It was late a night when we got all of the furniture in and I was down in the room alone making the bed. I sat down on that memory-filled quilt that has a familiar age worn softness and shed a simple tear or two. My baby, the one that made me a mother, is growing like a sunflower toward the sun. I’m a grateful woman.

Isn’t the quilt pretty! Thank you Mom.

birthday quilt

I also picked out a toy chest and this one happens to be full of dress-up clothes, tutus, wings, and necklaces. A giant thrifted chalk board and magnet board are perfect simple additions for my little artist. And that afghan was made my her grandma.

birthday chalk board

birthday toy box

What I loved about this toy/storage chest is that it doesn’t smash little fingers, and little fingers are something we have lots of in this house. Can you see the ridges under the lid that are kind of cut out? That’s so it can’t shut on your hands. It also has a nice hinge that closes slowly. You couldn’t slam it if you tried. Yay!

The bookcase, the toy chest, mattress, and sheets were things that I bought new. Everything else I got at garage sales or made (or my mom made). A few new pieces really made the room feel new and special and thrifting and making everything else really made the project affordable. It’s a small room (about 9 by 10 feet), but I think it turned out just great.

If you are thinking about doing some room switching of your, Sauder’s might be a good options for you too. Their site is simple and straight forward, their furniture is affordable and easy to put together, and it isn’t so fancy/expensive that you are scared to put it in a child’s room. They are great mid-line pieces for families.

And I still have this beauty to refinish! I’m so glad I could get some furniture that didn’t need refinishing, because let’s be honest, I’ve had this dresser for 3 years and it still isn’t done.

birthday dresser5

The few days that she’s had in her room have been great. We’ve started a new routine at night too. After family scripture study and prayers we put the little boys to bed and then Thomas or I go to Macey’s room and read scriptures with just her and have her say her personal prayers. Little things like this were hard to do when she shared a room, but are such important habits to start early. We also love the time to talk about the day and connect one on one. I hope this new room and the new habits are ones that will carry us through lots of life’s adventures ahead.

I’m one lucky momma to have her and I’m luck to have you who support me in these fun projects that really do mean a lot to my family. Thank you for being here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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