I have a BIG favor to ask!

My oldest sister has been looking for a baby girl to adopt. She’s been waiting for just over a year now and we want to help get the news out there and see what could happen!My Sister's Family

Seeking Adoption

Friends, I have a huge favor to ask of you today. Behind all of the recipes, house updates, and pretty pictures of my future backyard there is a lot of life being lived. One of the most exciting parts of that life-behind-the-scenes is waiting in anticipation as my oldest sister searches for a baby girl to adopt. She’s been waiting for just over a year now and we’ve decided it’s time for us to start getting creative on ways to spread the news of her desire to adopt. I’m sharing this news with you in hopes that you too will share her story. The more people that hear about her family, their story, and their desire for a little girl, the closer we will be to finding their birth mom.


Hello dear Bless This Mess readers! A quick intro… My name is Lachelle, and Melissa is my sister just younger than me. I’m so grateful to her. As we’ve gotten older we’ve become closer as we share the joys and struggles of being moms to five littles. The difference being that I have ALL boys, which leads me to why I’m guest posting.


Through the whisperings of my heart and promptings from God, we were lead to begin the adoption process a little over a year ago. We are still waiting for the right birth mother to come along and allow us the privilege of raising her baby girl as our own. She’s out there, and Melissa has graciously agreed to help aide us in connecting us with that special mother.

As I tried to decide how and what to post, I decided to share this letter that I wrote to our birth mother. If you or someone you know is looking to place a baby girl for adoption, we would love if you took the time to view our profile and see if our family feels like the right fit. We also appreciate each and every person who shares our link or this blog post to help us find a sweet baby to adopt! Our profile can be found at https://everlastingadoptions.com/waiting-families/profile/LachelleandBen.html

Dear Birth Mother,

Home. I’m home. We’re home. The boys are finally asleep. They were so excited to finally meet their little sister today. They just wanted to constantly love on her and hold her. I’m climbing into bed myself now. Ben wraps his arms around me as we settle in for the night. As I listen to her sweet sleeping breaths in her little bed next to mine, the tears start to flow. I am overwhelmed with love, joy, and gratitude. And I think of you.

Her tiny cries wake me, and I tend to her needs and hold her close. As she falls back to sleep, I watch her beautiful face in wonder. And I think of you. As the hours pass… I think of you. As the days pass… I think of you. She is learning so many new things. Her brothers adore her and protect her, but they also teach her how to be fearless and brave and strong… it about gives me a heart attack some days! Her daddy is smitten, but then again so am I. I love watching him be a daddy to a daughter. It pulls at my heart strings in the same, yet different ways. And all the while… I think of you.

Years pass. And I still think of you. We all do. I know. She knows. We all know. We couldn’t be the family we are without you. She was always meant to be a part of our family. And you were always meant to be her mother. We love her with all of our hearts. And we love you just as much for bringing her into this world. We think of you. Often. With love. With gratitude. With respect. Thank you.

Many thanks to all of you for reading my words and helping us to spread our story. We appreciate you and our hearts are full of gratitude for all of your support!

Much Love, Lachelle


Here’s what you can do!

SHARE this post or her adoption profile  with your friends and family, however that might be (word of mouth, email, social media). That’s it! You just never know who might be the right person to see it.

We need your help and I’m so glad I can ask you for this favor. Thank you for all your support and help with this life-changing event in our family.

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