What I Ate Wednesday – Lettuce Turnip the Beet

I had so much fun last week that I decided I’d to another WIAW!

Man, it’s been a crazy week here. I took all four kids to the doctor this morning. We’ve been barfing, coughing, snotty, and just plain grumpy. One kid has a double ear infection and the baby got his first set of immunizations. My four-year-old was in the little room while the baby got his shots. The baby was obviously in some pain and was really screaming for a second while they were giving the actual shots. His brother looked at me with huge tears in his eyes and said, “I don’t want Paul to get any more shots.” His concern and empathy was so touching that I teared up too. No matter how crazy having a bunch of little kids is, I just would not trade it for anything. The sweet moments outweight all of the vomit and sleepless nights for sure.

And now onto the food 🙂

This is what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast was a big ole’ gross green smoothie. It just didn’t have any flavor. It was 4 cups spinach, an orange (peeled), a banana, and 2 cups of water. Not tasty but it does the job.
W breakfast

And my heart be still… I got a Blendtec. It makes all the difference to these green drinks. It makes them sooooo smooth! And don’t worry, I have a giveaway with them scheduled for April!!! You’ll get the chance to win one of your own! They have been awesome to work with and I’m so very pleased with the blender. It has a touch screen BTW. Say what?!
W breaky

Snackin’ – I’m struggling finding anything quick and easy that is also tasty and not totally awful. I need more crunchy things in my life. My go-to is normally pretzels. I love them! I picked up some roasted garlic Triscuits hoping for a more “whole grain” option and have been enjoying them. The serving size is only 6 crackers though, so I have to count them out, put up the box, and move on. That’s not very many crackers.
W snack

Some chocolate is always needed about 11am! I am in love with these onyx wafers. They are 73% cocoa and 10 are 70 calories. So I’ll have 5 at a time and normally am happy with the 5. They are made to melt easy in baking but that also means they melt easy when you eat them. One thing I don’t like as much about dark chocolate is how long it takes to melt in your mouth, so these are perfect. I ordered them online at King Arthur Flour.
W choco

Lunch was another salad in a jar. I’m digging the Asian one the most. I had some leftover chicken from dinner and threw it on top. SO good.

W lunch

Snack- Juice! I have a really good juicer and I adore it. This juice was phenominal and so so sweet; the gorgeous color comes from beets! My kids loved it! I made this in hopes my daughter who’s been so sick would get a few nutrients in her. She did drink it 🙂 I juiced everything shown and shared half of it with the kids.
W juice

Later snack- the kids wanted some cookies that I made the day before (recipes coming soon with a King Arthur Flour giveaway!). I took a bite out of a cookie without even thinking of it. And once I start something I’m no quitter. I enjoyed that cookie with a glass of milk and loved it.
W cookie

Dinner was roasted beets and brussel sprouts and some pork ribs that I grilled. The ribs were pretty chewy; next time I’ll try them in the crockpot. I also served bread sticks and home canned peaches to the family, I just didn’t eat them.
W dinner

I adore roasted veggies and these were amazing! Here’s how I do it. Just peel and slice the beets first. Lettuce Turnip the Beet
W brussles

And a snack before bed. Thomas is the town old lady computer fixer. Sometimes the ladies bring over treats in exchange for the work. Someone brought over a computer and a bag of homemade granola last night. That granola was phenomenal. I wasn’t hungry but I couldn’t stop myself. I’m after the recipe and hope to share it soon!
W granola

And that’s a wrap. Now I have to drive 25 minutes to pick up a prescription… downside of living in the middle of no where.

I have SO much to blog about and life is just busy enough that I’m not getting it done. So I promise that I think of you often, love that you read, enjoy your comments during my middle of the night nursing sessions, and just love this “job”. Thanks for being here and waiting on me as I tend to what’s most important. Amazing recipes coming your way as soon as I get a little break in the sicknesses.

And you can pop over to Peas and Crayons to check out more WIAW posts.

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7 Responses
  1. Kim

    I am intrigued by juicing but can’t bring myself to do it because you lose all the fiber of the fruits and veggies. I have a Blendtec also and have been meaning to try the whole juice option on it. You should give it a try and blog about it!

    1. Melissa

      Well since you asked I’ll spill. I had the exact same thoughts as you… why juice when you can just blend up all that good stuff? Well, look at this post and look at what I juiced (beets, grapes, carrots, ginger, and an apple). I didn’t want to get the juicer out originally and the blendtec was already out. I read in the cookbook that came with the blender about the whole juices and thought I would try it. I threw all of those things in the blender along with 2 cups of water and let it rip. I took a big old gulp and almost barfed. And this is coming from a woman who eats super gross smoothies if I think they are good for me and buys extra pulp OJ. It was so awfully gritty and pulpy and just plain inedible. The beet and ginger are just so fiber-y! So I wasn’t going to waste all that food so I then pulled out the juicer and tried to push the whole juice through. Bad idea… I just made a mess. So what do I do with all this gross drink??? Chickens! But they won’t just drink it. (Side story – my in-laws own a grocery store that my husband plans to take over one day. He’s the bread man right now and we have so much out of date bread because that’s part of the game). So I pulled out a loaf of out of date bread, lay it on a cookie sheet, pour the nasty pulp-riddled juice all over the bread (so that the bread would soak it up a bit and the chickens could eat it better) and then I take it out to the hens. THEY LOVED IT! So I totally wasted all that stuff but it was a good lesson to learn. I still wanted juice though so I got that much more out again and made it. I’m still going to try some of the recipes that they have in their official Blendtec cookbook but I’m done experimenting 🙂 So I juice things that are really fibery like carrots, beets, ginger, swiss chard, and pears or grapes and then do smoothies with things like bananas and spinach that blend easier. I like both options! I bet you weren’t expecting that kind of long old answer but thanks for asking; it was super fun to tell my not wasting the nasty pulp-juice story.

  2. Sarah B

    How you do it all will never cease to amaze me. I have energy like that about 1/2 the day. Then I’m useless until dinner time. Oh dear. What kind of juicer do you have? I am so happy about your Blendtec choice!!!!

  3. I’m just getting caught up on my blogs this week. AGH! Sounds like the week from beep at your house with sick little ones. Sophie had a bug Saturday night, Milo’s had a different one for a week, and we’ve all been battling colds. ‘Tis the season, but YUCK! I’m sending happy vibes your way hoping that everyone at your house gets better SOON! I’m so sorry! Also, that juice is gorgeous. You make me want a juicer. How hard is it to clean?

    1. Melissa

      The one I have (did you see the link to it in another comment?) Is super easy to clean. I think you pay for some of that convenience with this one. You (and your kiddos) would LOVE IT! My kids fight over who gets to feed the goodies into the tube… you should pitch a juicer company. They would totally give you one 🙂

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