The Ultimate American Girl Acessory Guide: Buy it, Make it, Love it

I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here! If you are like me you are putting the finishing touches on the house, baking all kinds of treats, and buying the last of your gifts. This year I was lucky enough to snag an American Girl doll on a major sale. I paid less than $60 (including shipping!) for the doll, first book, and an extra set of clothes. I’m beyond excited to give such a wonderful gift to my six-year-old. She is going to be so excited on Christmas morning because she’s been asking for a “big doll” for months and months now.

American Girl dolls will forever have a special place in my heart. They are a fairly expensive but such high quality dolls that really last well. Plus, the books that go with the classic dolls are such a great part of the package. When I was a girl. each of my sisters and I were given an American Girl doll the Christmas that we were ten years old. It was a very special present from my grandparents and one that we looked forward to with anticipation. I still have my Addy doll and she is something that I’ve kept and really cherish.

The Ultimate American Girl Accessory Guide with over 20 links to the best retail buys, free tutorials, handmade products for purchase and DIY

Part of the fun of the American Girl dolls is their size; they, or any other 18-inch doll are just perfect to dress and redress. And you know what that means, you need more than one outfit!

I thought it would be fun to feature some of the best resources for American Girl dolls on the web and that is what this post is – the ultimate America Girl Accessory Guide. The collection is broken up into awesome retail deals, American Girl doll tutorials and patterns for the DIYers, and handmade (or small business) items for purchase.

I’ve collected everything from dolly underwear and DIY bedding to matching outfits for girl and doll to free bunk bed instructions. There are some adorable things here, so take a look around and you are bound to find the perfect little extra to give to your favorite little girl.


Retail Shopping:

Retail Shopping:

1. Kohls : Dollie and Me Brand. Be twins with your doll. Features outfits and special occasion dresses.

2. Macy’s: Dollie and Me Brand. Look alike pajamas.

3. Toys “R” Us: Cheerleading outfit

4.Target:  Cruiser Bike

5.Target:  “Shall Oui Go” Outfit

6.Target: Salon Chair

7.Walmart: Travel Case

8. Walmart: Doll Table and Chairs


American Girl doll tutorials, patterns, and DIY projects

DIY, tutorials, patterns

1.Ana White: Doll Bunk Bed

2.Doll Apron Pattern

3.Doll Hairstyles 

4.DIY Cast

5.Doll Bedding Tutorial

6 Doll Panties

7. Matching Elastic Skirts

8. Doll Clothing Storage


Support Handmade Small Businesses

Awesome collection right?! Did you own an AG doll when you were a girl? Do your daughters or granddaughters have them now? What doll is your favorite?

Thanks so much for stopping and feel free to share this collection with anyone who might enjoy it!

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Michaels has a nice line of 18 inch dolls. I bought one for a model for my grandaughter’s AG doll and found the measurements to be exactly the same, so clothes I make are perfect fits. If you have a Joaan’s fabric store, they have sales often, any pattern for 99 cents, so that is when I stock up! She, I and her doll go often to thrift stores to buy items just to use for fabrics for doll clothes, especially. Finer and specialty fabrics. Swimwear, jackets, women’s satin blouses, denim, all cheaper than buying yardage!

I just found this on Pinterest. My oldest got her first doll a few Christmases ago and the youngest just got hers this past Christmas. Now my niece will be getting her first doll in June for her birthday so I am bringing out the sewing machine and so creativity to make clothes and such. Thank you for this. I had no idea that Khols had a girl and doll line. Kmart also has a line and when you catch a sale you can get the girls outfit and matching doll outfit for about $16. We stock up then and the Kmart outfits fit the American girl dolls very well. We have found that the Walmart brand doll pants do not fit the American girl dolls very well.

American Girl is one of my all-time favorite girlhood memories. I was never able to have one as a kid, but I appreciate them now at 29! I was so sad to hear that they were doing away with many of the older historical characters I grew up with (Molly is gone at the end of the year…Addy was the last one from my childhood), and when I visited NYC recently I stopped by the store (as a woman with no kids, I’m not ashamed to say!), and picked up the Molly Christmas Story AND her minature doll. I probably would have bought the BIG version, but they are sadly sold out:(

Me too:)

Could you please share where you found a deal on the doll?!? I have heard of people finding deals, but have not been that fortunate, and haven’t been able to afford one full price. Any tips on finding one this year for next Christmas?!?

I’m in love! Just pinned, and tagged my mom. She is my American Girl Sweatshop. Ha!

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