A Day in My Life: 11.10.15


6:07: The baby starts to fuss and is ready to eat. This is the start of my day though not the first time I’ve been up. I fed Graham at 12:30 and again at 3:30. His bed is next to ours so I get him out and lay back down to nurse while doing some pondering and silent praying for the day.

6:38: The baby is done and I shuffle out of bed, laying him in the warm spot that I left behind to sleep a little more. I should have gotten up earlier but we didn’t go to bed very early. I sit at my computer for a minute and purge my work and personal inboxes and make a list of things to. I normally work until 7am when the kids start to stir and it’s time to get ready for school. Henry’s already up and wants help doing some embroidery. I don’t get much done on the computer this morning but that’s ok I still have nap time. Today is the 5 week mark for the kids being sick and everyone is finally better! Everyone who is supposed to go to school will today, including Kimball to his bi-weekly preschool class! I don’t normally want my kids out of my house much but after 5 weeks of sickness I’m really looking forward to my 2 hours of only having 2 kids at home (both of which should be napping!). Hooray for feeling better.

7:00: The morning hustle and bustle begins. Macey and Henry are getting ready for school. I didn’t get my dishes done last night before bed so the kitchen is really messy. This reconfirmed my desire to “put my house to bed” at night like I do my kids, cleaned and tidy most of the time; I don’t like waking up to yesterday’s work. I unload and load the dishwasher while I make and serve some french toast to the kids who are all up now except that baby. They eat, we work on hair, clothes, shoes and socks, find homework and put show and share treasures in backpacks.

7:45: Thomas is out of the shower and dressed for the day. He helps me get the medicine on the kids faces and then walks them to school. Kimball wants to come so he finds his shoes and socks too so that he can walk with them. Paul also wants to come but he’s hard to take. I tell him we’ll go when he gets his shoes to avoid a tantrum. He finds shoes, a jacket, and a backpack too! The baby wakes up and we go to my room to get him. Paul talks to his baby while I dress, pull my hair back, and brush my teeth. That baby is pretty happy so I make my bed and straighten up my room while the little boys are happy.


8:05: Kimball walks back home with Thomas and Thomas is off to work at the hardware store that just opened. Paul is all dressed and ready, backpack included, so I figure we better go and feed the chickens for the day and check the mail so that he can get out of the house like he’s expecting. I load the three little boys into the suburban. We drive to the post office and get the mail and then take our scraps down to the chickens. Paul loves his chickens so we spend a few minutes checking for eggs (zero… again! The hens have not done well with the shorter daylight hours, the cold, and molting all mixed together these last few weeks). He talks to them and then tries the catch the rooster who we don’t put in with the hens. It’s a chilly drizzly day and it starts to sprinkle so we get back in the Suburban and head home.


8:36: I’m just pulling onto our lane and my phone rings. It’s the school and Henry is sick to his stomach. Seriously the universe is mocking my plans of having everyone at school today. Oh well, I’m glad I answered my phone (I’m not very good at that…). I drive to the school since I’m already out, pop into the office to retrieve my sicky, and then take everyone home. I stick Henry in a warm bath and make him a cup of peppermint tea and me a cup of apple cinnamon tea. I munch on a graham cracker that I made yesterday. It’s hard work recipe testing delicious buttery graham crackers. I hand wash the dishes that didn’t fit in the machine, wipe down the counter, clean up breakfast, and get the kitchen in working order again. The baby is starting to fuss so I hurry and run the trash from the bathroom and the kitchen to the dumpster.


9:17: I sit down to feed the baby and Paul climbs on my lap to read books. We read one and while he’s getting another book I pop on Instagram to post a picture of the rooster that I took while we were at the garden. Paul’s back and he sees the picture of his beloved chicken and asks for “more chickies”. I start scrolling through the #roostersofinstagram posts and he is in love. He loved the videos of roos crowing. The baby didn’t really eat and is just asleep so after about 10 minutes of roosters I get up and put the baby in his bed. I decide to sit at my computer and write some of this post so that I don’t forget it. Paul’s on my lap looking at books, Henry’s getting out of the bath now, and Kimball is coloring at the table.

9:50: The baby who didn’t eat well is already awake and Thomas is over from the hardware store to discuss an issue he’s mulling over. The kids are playing with each other while we talk and I feed the baby again. Thomas leaves and I read them a few short story books. Paul is in love with the Billy Goats Gruff book we have because he loves the animals.

10:11: I set the baby in his bouncer, get out puzzles for the boys, go downstairs and switch the laundry I didn’t finish from yesterday and start a new load. I grab a freezer meal from the deep freeze to bring up. While I was down there I noticed about 6 cupcakes worth of crumbs all down the stairs and in the boy’s room. They know they aren’t supposed to have food down here but they had a friend over yesterday and while the other mom and I chatted they made a cupcakey mess. I knew they were doing it but getting some chatting in was worth turning a blind eye to the mess making! The baby’s happy so I take down the next load of laundry, pick up the little boys’ room, and then vacuum their room, hall, and stairs.


10:43: The baby is fussing in his seat when I come back up so I sit and talk to him for a minute and then put him back down for a nap. The little boys have moved on to paying marble tracks. I’ve been recipe testing some homemade graham crackers and make another batch of the dough. It’s the third time I’ve made it in 24 hours and it’s spot on. I put the dough in the fridge to chill. The little boys came in while I was making the dough and wanted peanuts in the shell. They each sit at the table with two bowls, one for their shells and one for the edible peanuts. They are smashing the nuts to pieces and making a huge mess but are happy and chatting with me.

11:20: Tea and graham crackers didn’t fill me up so I make a big salad from a Costco salad kit and reheat some leftovers for the little boys to have with their peanuts.


11:45: It’s time to take Kimball to preschool so I call Thomas and ask if he can come home for lunch so that I don’t have to take sick Henry or wake a sleeping baby. This is such a nice perk of him working right behind our house, he can come home a bit as needed. I take Kimball to preschool and come home and get Thomas lunch and talk to him about our house plans while he eats lunch.

12:25: The baby is awake and I sit down to feed him again. Henry and Paul sit down to watch a show on Netflix while I’m feeding the baby and I watch it with them. We watch the Disney short about the Loch Ness Monster. It was really cute and one I hadn’t seen before.

1:07: The baby snoozed a bit but finished eating, I turn off the show and lay Paul down for his nap. I switch the laundry again. Henry and the baby help me roll out the graham cracker dough and cut it into shapes. It’s fun to be in the kitchen with just Henry and he’s a good little helper. We bake, look at a rocket book, straighten up the kitchen, and chat. When things are wrapping up I get out things to take pictures of the crackers we made and Henry plays with his puzzles some more.


1:47: The baby is ready to lay down again and I do that. I help Henry get him embroidery started again, clean up the kitchen, check on dinner in the crock pot, pop on instagram.

2:15: Sit down to upload my pictures and type up where I’m at for the day for this post. I don’t think the baby ever fell asleep and now he’s crying. I go to my room and sit on my bed to nurse him for a minute.

2:30: The kids come home from school! I love this time of day. They find me in my room and pile on my bed to show me their papers, look at their book order forms, and to tell me about the Veteran’s Day program they are working on at school. I sit in my bed with the baby while they chat and we work on homework. Macey keeps working on her homework and I get up to help Henry pick up all of the puzzles, embroidery stuff, and marble tracks that we have strewn throughout the upstairs. The baby is fussy again and so I lay him down yet again.



3:00: I’ve been promising to make a turkey craft with the kids for days and it’s finally time. We make a huge mess with hot glue, painting, all kinds of feathers and pumpkins to make some pretty cute turkeys. It’s a big production but they are in love with it all. When it’s all done and the turkeys are happy on the porch they help me clean up the kitchen a bit by running supplies down to the craft room while I wipe up surfaces and sweep. The baby wakes up right as I’m finishing. At least he was asleep for that!



4:30: They want to watch a show on the computer and I still need help getting the laundry put away so I use a little leverage to rally the troops and get the laundry done. We dump out all of the clean clothes into a pile and they sort their clothes into a basket. I help Paul fold and put away his clothes while they take theirs downstairs and put them in their drawers. The baby isn’t very happy with me so I’m holding him and doing all this one handed. Then we go downstairs to help Kimball with his clothes.


5:05: They pull chairs up to the computer and turn on a Netflix show. I sit on the couch with my phone to check on social media while I feed the baby. Thomas comes home a little early so I finish feeding the baby and leave him with Thomas while I walk over to the store to get a few things for dinner. I see someone in the store who I know but not well and something in my heart tells me to invite him over for dinner so I do. I come home and put rice on to cook and then chop veggies to roast, cut up oranges, and set the table. The kids shut off the show and Thomas practices the piano while we wait for dinner to cook and company to come.

6:15: Our guest arrives and we all sit down to eat. My kids are nuts, but that’s kind of what dinner is at my house. We have rice, butternut squash and lentil curry, roasted veggies, and sliced oranges. There is literally rice everywhere. Rice all over the table, their faces, their clothes, the floors. They love rice but sometimes it’s a little tricky getting it from the plate to their mouths. Lucky for me our guest is very casual, heck he said he didn’t like forks and ate the entire meal with his hands (my kids were pretty amused by this). We wrap up dinner, the kids have been great, and now our guests wants to leave an incense prayer/offering/blessing with us. The crowd went wild over this. Fire is their jam (#momofboys). By the time our guest leaves they are begging for me to invite him over for breakfast the very  next day. It was an interesting dinner to say the least; a healthy experience for us all.

7:30: It’s time for the bedtime shuffle. Baths, clean jammies, teeth brushed, medicine on their faces, and all that bedtime brings. I’m working on cleaning the kitchen while Thomas mans the little boys in the bath. We are a little late, we normally start this closer to 7 and Thomas and I are beat. It’s time to read scriptures as a family and say prayers but the kids are wanting to talk about everything except about what we are doing/trying to read. We get through with every child taking turns throwing at least one fit. Normally Thomas takes the kids downstairs to put them to bed but I can tell he’s more tired than usual so I offer to trade him. He put the baby in the bath and I take the other four downstairs. I put Paul in his bed first and then get the other two little boys settled into their bunk beds. I go to Macey’s room to help her with her personal scripture study and prayers and we chat about her day and American dolls for a minute. I tuck her in and say goodnight to her. I go back to the little boys room and lay on their floor until they fall asleep. Kimball asks me to hold his hand while he falls asleep and I’m grateful I came down to put them away for the night.


8:25: The baby is ready to nurse and go to bed but he’s fussy and it takes a while for him to settle.

8:45: I’m 15 minutes late to meeting my friend to workout. We workout/lift weights twice a week and I just love it. I don’t ever want to go, but I’m always glad when I get home. I’m super tired and if it were just me I wouldn’t have gone, but accountability works. My friend just had a baby 6 weeks before I did so we are in a similar postpartum boat. It’s nice to sweat; it’s even better to get some quality girl-therapy in without any kids around. It’s good for my soul and body both. We do stairs in the high school tonight and talk a lot about big issues like our religion, the Republican debate, and motherhood.

9:45: I get home and Thomas is trying to order Christmas gift bags for the store and he wants help deciding. So romantic I know.

10:10: I should be cleaning up the bathroom, picking up the living room, and sweeping and mopping the kitchen but I still haven’t gotten my post for the day up yet and I have to decide what is more important. I sweep up the gallon of rice that has now dried a bit so that I don’t have to have it sticking to my feet in the morning and then ignore the rest. Thomas goes to bed and I sit down to my computer to type up a fabulous Orange Cranberry Quick Bread post. The recipe and photos are already done but I need to write the post, get SEO right, add my Amazon suggestions, set my alt tags for Pinterest, and a million other little things that make the process a lot longer than you might assume. When it’s live I schedule some facebook posts for the next few days and respond to inquiries from my Etsy shop.

Cranberry Orange bread

11:51: I’m finally done on the computer for the day, brush my teeth, say my prayers, and get into bed. Don’t worry though, I don’t fall asleep very quickly and the baby wakes up to eat before I do. I feed him and get him settled back into his bed next to mine.

12:34: The baby’s back in bed and I finally fall asleep for the day. Hurray! Good night and sleep tight, at least until that baby wakes up to eat again!



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Holy Cow Melissa! How do you survive on this little amount of sleep? I realize this is almost a year old post, so maybe now that your baby is older you sleep more, but still… Unfortunately, I’m a 9 hr sleeper….you’re amazing! (Just so you know)

deb c
deb c

Oh we read it…..and by the time we are done walking in your shoes for the day we are exhausted with no energy left to write! I flash back to those crazy years…..it’s amazing what I could get accomplished in a day….now it takes me a week to do them……I have not slowed down….I just stop to smell the flowers more often, listen to the birds sing, and watch the pretty clouds sail by! Lala land is a magical place! I visit it regularly wearing my rose colored glasses too!

Avalon Marsh
Avalon Marsh

Just read this and it made me miss you so much and wish that we lived next to each other.


I read it too! Thank you for sharing – You are one busy lady and I so admire you ❤️

katie w

I love this post! Seriously, I think your ‘Currently’ and this type of post are my favorite. I just love the sense of ‘home’ that it shows across the internet. It makes me want to move next door to you 🙂 Also, I’m super jealous that your kids get home from school at 2:50!!! Mine don’t get home until 4, it really makes the evening short. I’m so glad your kids are getting better (kind of). 5 weeks! You definitely need a break!

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