3 Soups Cooked in Cast Iron

My love of cast iron knows no end and I’ve slowly been building my collection piece by piece. There are SO many benefits to cast iron and so man fun things that you can do with cast iron cookware from a culinary stand point. I wrote an article about cooking with cast iron, specifically making soups, and it’s on the Hobby Farms website today.

I had a blast writing it and think it turned out great. I included some practical tips on cooking with cast iron as well as not one, but four recipes! They include a simple stove top chili, baked potato corn chowder (yes a baked soup, it’s awesome), a perfect pork roast, and a leftover pork roast soup. All four recipes are new and you will love them. You can read the whole article and get the recipes here. 

Here’s a few pictures of the finished soups:

Working with Hobby Farms magazine is new, but it something I’d really like to keep doing. Any love that you can show the article on their site (commenting, pinning, sharing) really helps me out and shows them I’m worth keeping around. Thank you for letting me ask that. I’d love to start writing for their print publication too, but I feel like this is my foot in the door!

And because I can’t let another day go by without sharing these pictures with you…

Last Halloween I was holed up at home laboring while Thomas and his sister’s took all the kids trick-or-treating (and that lobster was born just 8 hours shy of his Halloween due date). This year I enjoyed the whole day with my kids and had the cutest fresh lobster in my pot.

I am so in love with these pictures. I like to think that one day, when I’m old and gray, Paul and I will laugh about the time I carried him around in a pot all night. He was literally the cutest kid on the planet. Having pictures to enjoy and remember events by is such a blessing!

Have a great weekend. Thank you so much for reading.

Any fun plans or new recipes you plan on trying this weekend?!

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