3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know

3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know

I’m a “boy mom” through and through. I had 4 little boys in a span of 5 years (yep, you read that right), and though we do have one wonderful daughter leading the pack, I still definitely consider myself a boy mom. Today I’m sharing 3 secrets that Moms of Boys need to know. These are just a few little tips about raising boys I have learned over the past few years and I thought you might like them too. Bonus: they don’t just apply to raising boys.

 Involve your son in what YOU love

3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know

3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know

1. Involve your son in what YOU love

What do you love? Are you in the kitchen whipping up cookies often? Do you love to hike? Are you an avid runner? Is growing fresh herbs and flowers your jam? Can you be found with your nose in a good book every Saturday morning? I think it’s so important to have a few things that you love to do outside of parenting, cleaning, and taking care of little people. That being said, your kids know how important these things are to you. If you take the time, even if it is just once in a while, to include them in your favorite things, they will know that that is a special treat.

My kids have taken up some of my favorite hobbies simple because I have taken the time to share them with them. They love to have Little House on the Prairie Books read out loud to them because this mama loves chapter books (a whole different ball game than pictures books in their mind). My little people embroider like there’s no tomorrow. They love our chickens, they love to garden, the love to ride bikes and hike and paint and swim. They like these things because I liked them first and decided they were important enough to share them with them. Hiking, crafting, reading, and cooking alone is awesome and I do them often, but doing things that I love, with my kids is just as important.

Is a six-year-old little boy who embroiders conventional? Not really. But boy do we enjoy the time we spend doing it together.

3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know


Involve yourself in what YOUR SON loves

3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know


2. Involve yourself in what YOUR SON loves

I’m talking about things that you can really do and play with your son. Sure most kids play baseball and love video games but you aren’t interacting much when you are watching their game or even playing a video game along side them. What kind of things does your son love that you can participate in together? Chances are pretty good your son loves at least one of these things: mud, Legos, fort building, super hero role-playing, bugs, clay, or music. Make a list of things that your son loves this week and play with him. Hide your phone in another room and dedicate a set amount of time to just playing.

Grab a lump of clay, a bucket of Lego bricks, or head out to the sandbox and just enjoy what your child enjoys. If you need, put it on the calendar and schedule out the time. Ask your son on a date and end playing with a treat you both enjoy. Get out there and play!

We’ve been bitten by the Lego bug for the last 2 or so years and that’s what my little people choose to do all winter long while the weather is cold outside. Legos are my grand bargaining chip, the motivator to hurry and get jammies on and teeth brushed, the catalyst for finishing homework (don’t get me started on Kindergarten homework…), and the love of my little boys’ hearts. It’s so fun to watch them use their imaginations, be kids, and just play, no screen needed. As children play, they grow confident in their ability to bring stories and ideas to life. LEGO® Super Heroes is a perfect way to introduce the entire family to the land of make-believe & open-ended play. With something for every age, you are never too young or too much of an adult to build with Legos.

Working with Lego today has been awesome. They sent me two sets of LEGO® Super Heroes. A Lego Juniors Spider-Man Hideout for my 4-year-old and a Lego DC Comics Super Heroes set for my 6-year-old. I’m not a big superhero person and my kids don’t watch any of them on TV or Netflix so I was curious what they would think. Of course they loved them, they are little boys! They have read Spider-Man and Batman stories from the bookmobile and have friends that love them.

Here’s my review. The sets were awesome. I actually liked them way more than I thought that I would as the mom. I knew we would like them (hello, Legos. But I didn’t realize just how much they would love them!) I normally buy what I call “free play” bricks (you know, the big general buckets of Legos) and this year for Christmas I got the Educator building packs, one for making vehicles (windshield, wheels, steering wheels) and one for making buildings (doors, windows, roof tiles). That being said, it was so much fun to have a set to build. They have already taken these apart and rebuilt them over and over again. It’s really fun to have Lego people (something we hardly have any of), and it’s even more fun having Lego super hero people (the Batman has a cape!). We loved the instruction booklet – easy to understand and the boys felt like they could do it on their own which was important to them (thank you, Lego!), we loved the slide (we made the coolest treehouse with the slide attached yesterday) that came in the Spider-Man set and all the little extras like a computers, a mailbox with a letter, walkie-talkies and more, and I loved that it didn’t make noise, need batteries, or light up. These sets were awesome and I had no idea how great the age specific sets would be. Younger brother just loved that he could make a set just like Big brother. Now I know!


3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know

Tell your Sons stories of the men who helped shape your life

3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know

3. Tell your Sons stories of the men who helped shape your life

Tell your sons stories from your childhood with your dad. Tell them about fishing with your grandpa. Learn stories about your spouse and their dad to share. There’s something so wonderful and powerful about connecting the current generation with the past. You can play superheroes while making great examples of the past real-life superheroes. Don’t know much about your own family history? Send your grandparents an email or letter and ask them for fun stories from their youth. There’s no better time than now. My grandpa has some kind of crazy story about how he and his siblings saved up points from something (bubble gum maybe?) and they used it to buy a wagon. I have a great picture of my grandpa sitting in the wagon and holding onto the reins of a goat. Yes, a goat. I obviously need to get the details of the story but it’s a great one. Learn and tell great stories of men in history too. Inspire the good, by telling the good.

When you take a look at these three secrets they really have one thing in common.

What is the sum of all the parts? Time.

So here’s the big secret: spend time with your sons (and daughters too!)

That’s really not much of a secret at all now is it? It’s just a gentle reminder to be present, available, and connected to your little people.

Because kids don’t remember their best TV day.

3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know

Today I’m working with Lego and I’m beyond excited about. I don’t do a lot of sponsored work here on the blog because I only want to promote products and companies that I really use and love. My friends, Lego is one such company! Here’s a little secret though, Lego is pretty hard to work with. They are a huge worldwide company and their products sale themself. When an opportunity to work with Lego came through my inbox I applied right away. I wanted to work with them because I knew that my kids would love it. Food blogging benefits the family most days, they get to eat the food, but blogging about Lego is a whole new ball game. My littles boys were over the moon. This goes back to number one and number two. I involved them in something I loved and mixed it with something they love. This was a magical combination and the boys are still pleased as punch with me. I’m practically a superstar in my house right now. Mom works with L.E.G.O!

So thank you, dear readers, for enjoying this post today and being supportive of the brands that I so carefully choose to work with. My little people thank you too.

3 Secrets Moms of Boys Need to Know

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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As a mom to 3 boys I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Legos have pretty much taken over their play room over the last few years. Thank you for sharing 🙂

katie w

love this post! I have four boys and it is awesome being a boy mom. Your tips are great-yes it is all about ‘time’, but it’s nice to have a few ways to tackle that concept. We love legos too! So happy you got to work with them. We’ll have to try out the Lego JR sets, I’ve seen them but hadn’t known what they were like. Pretty much legos are the only gift my boys really want anymore and it’s what they save their money up for.


There is an old book called So You Want to Raise a Boy (by Cleon Skousen) that my sons’ teacher referred me to–it is SOOO valuable (at least it has been for me). I bought a copy on Amazon a couple of years ago and I use it as a reference when I want to understand my boys better. Highly recommended! I love your tips too. I spotted a cross-stitch pattern years before I had children that said “Children spell love T-I-M-E” and I think it is so true. Those connections are so important. Best of luck raising all those wonderful boys!

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