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White Chocolate Caramel Corn

White Chocolate Caramel Corn is a must-make for the fall. I've been making similar versions of this popcorn for years, but today is extra special because I used two delicious bars of Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE white chocolate for melting over the caramel corn; it really put this version over the top. White chocolate caramel corn is one of my all time favorite treats. It's easy to make, it's perfect for parties and gatherings because it makes a nice big batch, it's pretty inexpensive, and it also makes a simple gift for giving. This post is part of #Chocotoberfest! Did you see Continue Reading →

14 Sure-to-Please Sweet Popcorn Recipes

Popcorn! Did you know that the average American consumes 51 quarts of popcorn a year making the Nation's total popcorn consumption over 16 billion quarts of popcorn a year! That my friends, it a lot of popcorn! 70% of popcorn is eaten in the home (and I assume that most of the 30% eaten outside of the home is eaten in movie theaters). It's no secret here that I love popcorn in all forms. I love it hot and buttery and sweet and sticky. In fact, I've never met a popcorn I didn't like. I thought it would be fun to Continue Reading →

How to Pop Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag in the Microwave (I bet you didn’t know you could do this!)

It's already the 12th of August, which means it's time for the fun group of 12 bloggers I work with to post a recipe with 12 ingredients or less. Today is all about easy after school snacks! This should make that transition into the school year that much easier. Today I'm talking popcorn. Did you know that you can pop popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag in the microwave?! I sure didn't until this spring. I've always used an air-popper to pop popcorn and mine stopped working. We are total popcorn nuts and I was desperate to find a solution to Continue Reading →

Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Popcorn

Valentine's is just around the corner! Today I'm sharing a lovely and delicious Valentine popcorn treat. It's quick, easy, super cute, and makes a big batch. This is the perfect thing to bring to a party, make for your kids to enjoy after school, or divvy it up into those fun little cellophane bags to surprise your neighbors. This popcorn is sweet and sticky. It has conversation hearts and sprinkles hiding in it, and it's a lovely shade of light pink. Things that are sweet, pink, and full of hearts are always a good thing in my book. Now all you have to Continue Reading →

Gooey Caramel Corn

My childhood has some great memories in it. Some of my favorites involved this caramel corn recipe from my mom. With a large family of our own we didn't have friends over for parties very often. I remember one fall evening though my mom and dad let me have a whole bunch of kids from school come over for a wienie roast and night games. We were probably in seventh or eight grade, right at that age where you want to be out doing things but you are generally too young to be included in much. I remember having a lot Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Hutch and Orange Dreamsicle Popcorn

Can you believe it's Monday already?! My weekend flew by and I'm sure yours was no different. We ordered all of the carpet for the second half of the house which is just crazy to me. Carpet is one of the very last things to go in, so if we are even thinking about the carpet then we really must be making progress. All of the drywall is now hung in the once-upon-a-time bonus room/soon-to-be master bedroom, and if you follow me on FB, then you know we are completely done tearing things out as of this weekend! We gutted Continue Reading →

Gooey Marshmallow Christmas Popcorn with Chocolate

One more popcorn recipe before Christmas OK?!  I know my love of popcorn is bordering on addiction, but I also know that I'm not the only one who is so fond of the stuff. Popcorn lovers unite! I grew up in a big family with tons of cousins close by. We would all descend on my grandma's house on Sunday afternoons to play and enjoy the delights of family time. In the winter grandma would stand over her stove with a stove-top popper that you turned by hand and then load metal cake pans full of hot popcorn that was a little greasy and a Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Caramel Corn

Popcorn! I love the stuff and eat it all of the time. I love making fancy batches of gourmet popcorn to give. This is a simple recipe that makes a non-sticky caramel corn that has cinnamon in it, and a drizzle of white chocolate really puts it over the top. I love the cinnamon because it just feels like winter and is the perfect addition to caramel corn. If you are feeling truly decadent add a few cups of  your favorite nut to the popped popcorn. I'm hitting the point in my holiday baking that is nearing burn-out. I still have so many people that I want Continue Reading →

Salted Caramel Corn with White Chocolate

Caramel! Oh how I love the stuff. Here's another super recipe with, you guessed it, caramel. I adore caramel corn because of two things: caramel and popcorn (obviously...). Popcorn is one of my favorite foods and I eat it multiple times a week. Both of my parents hail from the Hoosier State and I spent 19 of my 27 years there, so I think the corn/popcorn love is just part of my genetic make-up. Indiana grows some intense corn (picture proof at the end of the post). This caramel corn is a non-sticky but not super crunchy caramel coated popcorn drizzled with white chocolate and then Continue Reading →

Cheesy Chili Lime Popcorn

I love popcorn. I bought a simple air-popper at a garage sale a few years ago and I pull it out multiple times a week. I feel like it's a quick, easy, inexpensive, and healthy snack that we all really like. A little butter and salt make air-popped popcorn delicious and it's way better for you than that microwaved stuff.I was in the mood for something different one day and so this recipe was born. I recently acquired some queso cotija. It's a Mexican cheese that resembles Parmesan but is incredibly salty. I haven't liked anything that I used it on until now; this cheese was Continue Reading →