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More of the story via your Q’s and my A’s

Q: How do you have time to cook and get all this stuff done while you have three little kids?
A: Let’s be honest, it’s because I’m a bit crazy. Thomas and I both tend to be workaholics which means we get lots done in the day. We don’t have normal-people hobbies either. We don’t watch any TV and catch a movie on Netflix maybe once every 4 to 6 weeks. Our hobbies are our kids and what you see on the blog (food, remodeling, chickens, some crafting…). I also like blogging so much that I’m willing to lose some sleep over it. I’ll wake up at 5am a few times a week to work on the blog before the kids get out of bed and then resume at nap time and again after they are in bed. I do very little on the computer when they are awake which gives me plenty of time to do the cooking, crafting, and any other mess-making merriment we like to explore. I do take picture while they are awake and you’ll find plenty of pictures of my “helpers” in the mix.

Q: What type of camera do you have?
A: I have a Nikon D7000 and shoot with a 40mm and 50mm lens for all food photography. I only do food pictures in natural light and I really like the book Plate To Pixel if you are interested in more food photography and styling. I’m no pro, but it sure has been fun to learn. My dad and grandpa are actually pretty great with a camera, so I like to think a bit of that rubbed off on me.


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