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It’s time for a house update and spoiler alert: there’s a video to go with it! My brother made this video for me as a surprise! I’ll be honest, it made me tear up. Sometimes it feels like we will never get moved in. Watching really put all of the work that we have done into perspective. You guys, we are building a whole house! AND IT’S COMING TOGETHER!!! So when we left off last we were working on our fancy triple-pane window installation (they are so nice). Now we have finished our stairs, installed all the insulation, framed Continue Reading →

DIY House Up Date + a Video (April 2017)

House Update 2017

An update on our house build, our plans for a more “green” house, and our energy efficient windows. And lots and lots of mud! We are closing in on our one year mark of our DIY house build, and I thought I’d share some of the progress we have made this winter. A year ago this picture would have just been of our beautiful mountains but now, 12 months later, there’s a shell of a house! We broke ground on January 23, 2016 and hope to move in sometime this year (before Christmas is the goal). Building a house is one Continue Reading →

House Building Update: Energy Efficient Windows + Mud (January 2017)

It’s been way too long since I updated you on the house. This project – oh, this project. We are at a really fun stage of framing and it changes every day. I still laugh every time we tell people we are building it ourselves and then they ask who the contractor is. No friends, there’s no contractor, just Thomas and I and hours and hours and hours of work. My brother moved here in May and has started working pretty often with Thomas on the house, and we’ve had a few friends help out here and there, so we aren’t Continue Reading →

House update: Framing (October 2016)

In February I shared a little update on finally starting to build our house! When I say “we are building a house”, I don’t mean we are organizing laborers to do it for us. I mean Thomas is out there as often as he can and is putting a house together piece by piece. I have spent hours moving rocks, using a pick ax to level the ground for concrete forms, picking up trash, and a million other little things. Thomas for sure is doing the bulk of the work (I’m just on the support team), but slowly it’s moving Continue Reading →

Bless this Mess Builds: House Update (July 2016)

Yesterday was one of those days that just felt good. The weather was nice, the kids spent the morning watching Princess Sophia while I worked in my robe. We had an early lunch. We all worked really hard to clean  the whole house and yard, the babies took naps, and then we all went to visit Dad while he was working on building our house.  I haven’t been able to help much on the house project. I don’t really drive backhoes or dump trucks. I have no idea how to run utilities, and I’m pretty useless when it comes to digging a basement Continue Reading →

The time I got teary-eyed picking up trash…

Things have been moving slowly along on the house front! Here’s what we have done in January and February of 2016. Building your own house and all of it’s glory! I use the term “we” very loosely. I should really say Thomas. I’m support staff right now. He comes home later than he used to and I try to have dinner ready and on the table. I deliver lots of lunches to building site (which we still haven’t named!), and I run him here or there when he needs to pick up a different large vehicle for something. You know, Continue Reading →

House Update: Houston, We Have a Hole and a VIDEO! (February 2016)