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Lambs: The Last Chapter

hobby farm sheep

As you might know we raised two lambs this summer for meat. I introduced them, shared our sadness when one died, updated you on them, and then things went quiet. If you've assumed the lambs are now in our freezer, you are right! It's taken me a bit of time to decide on what pictures I should share, process how I feel about the situation, and I had a baby a few weeks before the lambs were killed so I just haven't made the time. So after a few requests to know what happened to the lambs I'm now ready to fill Continue Reading →

Backyard Chickens in the Winter

a chicken shack

I had a long chat with one of my good friends the other day. Since moving away from her we don’t talk nearly enough, so when we do we always have a ton to say. She gave me a list of things she had questions about or wanted to see on the blog. It was SO helpful to hear what someone, who is a distant reader thought and wanted to see more or less of. Here was her list: Announce who won giveaways better/more publicly Fill us in on what happened to the lambs and how the chickens are Show Continue Reading →

Hobby Farm Update

hobby farm sheep

Hobby farm update! In late September my beautiful garden froze. We weren’t expecting such an early freeze (a full 3 week earlier than the average frost date for our area) or we would have covered a few things to save them a little longer. But the deed was done and my garden was pretty much gone in one night. The freeze wasn’t so hard that it ruined produce… it just killed all the plants. So we went about that day collecting gallons of ripe, partially ripe, and green tomatoes (which ripen just fine off the vine by the way), a Continue Reading →

Garden 2013

garden cabbage

We enjoyed an awesome short vacation in Yellowstone and Idaho this weekend. I went to the garden first yesterday when we got home to check on everything and I just couldn’t believe the difference that 5 days made. I picked 26 yellow squash and zucchini, most of which were ridiculously huge, green beans that are as thick as my thumb, and my first ears of sweet corn were ready! I was marveling at all of the changes and weeds when I realized I’d better get this garden post up because the pictures were going out-of-date fast. So here’s a little Continue Reading →

Can sheep eat sweet peas?

sheep in the meadow

Sheep update: Backstory: If you are new to the blog I introduced the lambs here and then was sad to announced that one died unexpectedly here. After I wrote last week’s post on Freckle’s unexpected death I shared a picture of the new lamb we got on Instagram. I mentioned that we still didn’t know why Freckles had died but it was nice that the other lamb was happy with his new friend. A friend of mine commented on the picture wondering if it could be the sweet pea plants that were harmful because in the movie Into the Wild Continue Reading →

DIY chicken water and feeder from 5-gallon buckets

chicken feeder from 5 gallon bucket

Not everyone needs a post on a DIY chicken water and feeder from 5-gallon buckets, but someone out there does need it! Is it you? Even if you don’t have your own hens yet this might be something to store away in your “someday” file because you just never know when you might need some great info that will save you a dollar or two! Or you might have a friend who is getting into backyard chickens and you could mention this cool site you found *cough cough* and then they could benefit!   We have to start out today’s Continue Reading →

DIY Portable Chicken Run

DIY chicken run portable

DIY portable chicken run- Last Saturday was awesomely productive and we got this puppy built, moved to the Shanty, and put all of the hens and chicks together. The chicks had been living in an upside-down watermelon box for weeks and were excited to have something new. The hens are used to free-ranging our yard and are not excited to have something new. You can’t please everyone one I guess. Here’s how it turned out: The coop to the left I built last year when I got my very first chickens (DIY Chicken Coop Tour Here) and the the “run” or Continue Reading →

New Chicks

chicks with May

I love me some chickens. Last spring we got our very first bunch of new chicks from the feed store, raised them inside our house (because we were in the middle of remodeling), and then moved them out to a coop that I lovingly made from scrap wood. The hens rock (and you can check out an over-view of last year under the Backyard Chickens tab at the top). In August I found my very first egg and it totally sealed my love of backyard chickens. They are so rewarding and make awesome pets. I had 9 hens for the Continue Reading →


henry dirty

Are you ready for another round of confessions from me?! I just love these post. I think they are a fun way to show you some of the behind-the-scenes real life that gets left out of the recipes. Enjoy! 1. I’m in denial that I have a child old enough to be loosing her first tooth. How did this happen and who let her grow up?! Her tooth has been loose for a while and then it got really lose last night. She asked her dad to pull it out this afternoon. I love this picture! The fear and trust Continue Reading →

Whole Wheat Pitas

pita bread with egg salad

I have another recipe from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking book for you today. As I was flipping through the pages I notices a recipe for whole wheat pitas, and I thought to myself, “Meh, pitas are so dry and not very good; why would someone take the time to make them?!” And then I read the introduction to the recipe and it said something along the lines of – store bought whole wheat pitas not only have the texture of cardboard but taste like it too. Yes! That is so true. But then the book went on to Continue Reading →