Healthy Orange Julius Copycat (dairy free)

Four ingredients never tasted so good! You are going to love this clean and healthy Orange Julius Copycat recipe; it’s dairy-free and guilt-free too. This recipe is one of my all time favorite “desserts” to make for the kids after school or for movie night. It’s sweet and creamy and full of real ingredients.

One of my favorite recipes to make in my Blendtec blender is banana ice cream. You simply blend frozen bananas until they are the consistency of soft serve ice cream and enjoy. We make this all of the time because it’s healthy and delicious.

I was dreaming of an Orange Julius the other day but didn’t feel like I wanted to commit that many calories just for a drink. Then I had a “light bulb” moment! If I replaced the ice cream in a traditional Orange Julius with banana ice cream, I’d save a whole lot of calories. Using almond milk also helps. So before I knew it, I had a super clean and healthy Orange Julius recipe that is light on calories, big on taste, and pretty darn good for you. And I’ve made this recipe every other day for the last two weeks; we just can’t get enough.

Using fresh, seasonal oranges makes a huge difference in this recipe. They add so much flavor and sweetness! To quickly “peel” oranges, cut off  a thin slice of peel from the top and the bottom of the orange. Set the orange on its new flat bottom, and then use your knife to slice down the sides right under the peel following the curve of the orange. It’s ok if there is a bit of white pith left you won’t notice it once it’s blended up.

Healthy Orange Julius Copycat Recipe (dairy free) that tastes just like the real thing!
Good things have happening in my house lately and I have Blendtec to thank for it. I started working with them in January of this year and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. I’ve been using their phenomenal blender literally daily for months and so many good things have come from it.

Clean and Healthy Orange Julius Copycat
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Makes: 2
  • 2 oranges, peeled
  • 4 frozen bananas, broken into chunks
  • 2 cups vanilla almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  1. Add all of the ingredients to the jar of your Blendtec blender, secure the lid, and blend on the Ice Cream cycle. If the mixture is too thick, add a splash more almond milk and blend again. Pour into 2 large glasses and enjoy right away.


No Blendtec to call your own? Try this in a food processor or add a little more almond milk to help a traditional blender along.

Healthy Orange Julius Copycat Recipe (dairy free) that tastes just like the real thing!

Healthy Orange Julius Copycat Recipe (dairy free) that tastes just like the real thing!

Now that I’ve sat here and looked at these pictures, I think I’ll go ahead and make a smoothie right now! I love healthy smoothies that taste like dessert.


8 comments on “Healthy Orange Julius Copycat (dairy free)

  1. I was so excited to see this! Curt & I are exercising and trying to eat more healthy, and one of our favorite treats we’ve been so sad to give up is orange juilus. I’m so excited to try this healthier version!! And we’ve been wanting a Blentec for a long, long time, so I’m definitely going to be entering your giveaway–fingers crossed!!! ;)

  2. YOU’RE ON BLENDTEC’S WEBSITE!?!?! You’re so legit and cool! And feel free to rig the drawing so I get one. K, thanks.

  3. Tasty but doesn’t taste like an orange Julius to me. I think next time, I’ll try it with 2 oranges and one banana and the almond milk and vanilla see how that tastes. I cut the recipe in half for one serving. Love it though.