Giant Squids Are All the Rage…

I’m wrapping up my weekend with a birthday party at the town pool! I’m in full party mode at the moment but had to stop for two seconds to share a little inspiration. 
I present to you – The Squid

Sweet right?

It’s what all little girls like their parties to be planned around isn’t it?

Well, even if it’s not conventional, it is hilarious. Of course a giant squid will be part of the decor for the shin-dig and I am beyond excited about how I worked it in. You are going to have to stay tuned for the details of the giant squid making its debut at the town pool tonight. Here’s the kicker: I’m having the hardest time not putting a big ol’ mustache on the thing! The birthday girl will not even entertain the idea; shot me down at first suggestion.

Can you picture it though? A giant squid and a mustache. I’m going to have to do it for another party, maybe a squid and mustache party, because why not?

Doesn’t he look great with a stache?